C-Stack Series: What is Compute?

Posted by Centre on May 27, 2015

The Real Answer: What is Compute?

Compute is not a typo for “computer.” Nor does it mean “to calculate something.” In terms of enterprise infrastructure, compute refers to anything on the end-user side of the network. This includes:

  • Client (Computers, Laptops, and Mobile Devices)
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Core Infrastructure Applications (ex. Windows)
  • Virtualization

In simplified terms, the definition of compute is this: it’s a term that includes the full range of infrastructure elements that are otherwise not included in network, operations, and/or telephony.

How Do You Optimize the Compute-Side of Infrastructure?

What is compute worth in the grand scheme of your entire infrastructure?

The way businesses and IT departments deal with compute can be polarizing:

  • Under one rationale, some companies invest heavily in compute components because end-users work with these pieces directly. These are the most visible pieces of an organization’s infrastructure, so some businesses neglect certain network components in their haste to please their end-users.
  • Under another rationale, compute components can be overshadowed because they are end-user facing. Some companies might only have the budget to optimize their network from the back-end with enterprise storage or network design. They might not have any additional money in the budget to invest in newer/upgraded compute components.

The IT department’s budget is always a careful balancing act between functionality, fire-fighting, and/or investing in growth and innovation.

It’s important for organizations to realize that investing in compute components (even in client endpoints like new computers and laptops) is far from a cosmetic fix. Any updates you implement on the compute side of your infrastructure should be paired with updates on the network side of the infrastructure.

Enterprise Compute with Best-of-Breed Technology

Centre’s C-Stack uses best-of-breed technology for every component of your infrastructure. We’ve designed our compute components with resources from enterprise technology partners like Dell, Citrix, VMware, and HP. Your end-users and, ultimately, your entire organization can reap benefits like:

  • Faster and more streamlined end-user experiences
  • Optimized endpoint management
  • Enhanced security with client upgrades
  • Modern, durable tools for the equipment you use daily

Discover the value of upgrading your compute components across the organization. Contact a certified consultant Centre Technologies today for more information.

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