How The First Thanksgiving Attendees Could Have Benefitted from IT Support

The technical world wasn't that advanced in the year 1620. Most things were made from iron or wood, pretty much everything relied on manual control, and the average life expectancy was around 32. Ouch.

Had our forefathers simply had access to IT support back then, life would have been – like – a million times easier. Here are a few ways how:

They Would Have Known About the Winters

If you know your American history, you know the pilgrims arrived in America in time to be greeted by a famous New England winter. Unfortunately, that winter helped to wipe out a good number of the Mayflower's original passengers. Had they had IT support, they could have simply opened their laptop while on board the ship, checked the weather conditions in the Plymouth, Massachusetts area, and taken adequate precautions.

They Could Have Looked Up Farming Techniques and Recipes

While, of course, the pilgrims owe their lives to the advice and teachings of Samoset and Squanto – the Native Americans who helped them settle in and begin to thrive, with IT support – it would have been unnecessary. They could have easily researched farming techniques on, looked up tasty dishes to make on, and stayed online all winter long with their proactive IT support service. How different it would have been – but how awesome?!

They Could Have Collaborated With Other Pilgrims On Improving Cities

As we all know, New England grew from that small settlement from the Mayflower into the 13 colonies which started it all and, 150 years later, America would be an independent country – completely free from the reign of King George and England.

That's great and all, but – 150 years?? Had they only been able to collaborate on their plans and screen share their development strategies, the cities they built would have grown so fast, they would have become larger than anything England ever created! When George Washington was born in 1732, just over a hundred years after the Mayflower's arrival, he would have been met – not with opposition from the "redcoats," but with support . . . IT support! He would have helped advance this country online so quickly, King George wouldn't have known what hit him! George's buddies, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock would have been able to digitally sign the Declaration of Independence, get it off to England the same day, and still have time to design the New York skyline. Now that's productivity!

Happy Thanksgiving from Centre Technologies

We at Centre Technologies would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving, and very much hope you'll be able to spend time with family and friends over the holiday. If not, and it's due to problems with your tech, give us a call. We're good at working out those kinks and helping you find time for the more important things.

Originally published on November 10, 2016

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