Centre Joins Greater Houston Partnership

Centre Becomes a member of Greater Houston Partnership 

Our team at Centre Technologies is excited to announce out membership with Greater Houston Partnership, a community and advocacy network for businesses across the greater Houston region, including Harris County, Fort Bend, and Sugar Land, Texas. We at Centre are proud to be headquartered in Houston, one of the most populous and dynamic economies in the country, and serve organizations ranging from the manufacturing and energy industries to education and life sciences.  

As an award-winning managed IT service provider and cloud and cybersecurity consulting firm, we aim to spread our expertise and a lending hand to help businesses in the greater Houston area embrace the power of technology for greater efficiency, security, and confidence. Our mission is to give businesses highly innovative and advanced tools and services with a local and personalized experience for greater growth, efficiency, and security. 

We look forward to learning more about and supporting the industries, issues, and initiatives of our community through engaging with other Houston professionals, hosting and attending events, and expanding our current outreach efforts 

About The Greater Houston Partnership

The Greater Houston Partnership is a community and network for business professionals and leaders with a common goal of influencing Houston's economic trajectory and positive impact. The organization serves over 900 members and aims to make the 12 counties that make up the greater Houston area a better place to work and live by offering resources, advocating positive public policy, and bringing people together. 



Originally published on August 16, 2021

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