How Does Cloud Based Backup Work?

Cloud backup-as-a-Service is a software service that automatically backs up your data to an encrypted cloud, regardless of where the data comes from. In other words, your cloud BaaS can be programmed to backup data stored on your company PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

How Does Cloud Based Backup Work? (An Allegory)

Imagine having a digital picture that you cherish (for example, a once-in-a-lifetime selfie with your favorite legendary band). You want to protect this photo, so you know better to leave it stored only on your phone. You back up your photo to the “cloud,” and now you’re able to access the picture data from your computer too.

When you have a cloud BaaS solution in place at your business, the software pulls up all your data and copies it automatically to a secure cloud repository. If you want a short, but very informative, quick overview about cloud based backup, take a look at this video:

Cloud BaaS works the same way, but automatically and on a much grander scale. Not only will your precious selfie find its way into an encrypted cloud, but so will your critical documents, emails, applications, customer contact information, and more.

How Does Cloud Backup Work for SaaS Applications?

Until now, we’ve discussed how cloud backup software can pull data from multiple devices. However, it can also be configured to provide a solution for SaaS backup as well.

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, delivers software remotely by allowing users to access the application via the vendor’s website. SaaS users create and access their data online within the vendor’s platform. In other words, the SaaS vendor hosts your data in their environment. This software distribution model provides a cost-effective and scalable way alternative to owning and running this software in-house.

There are, however, a few hidden problems with this model. A study by Aberdeen Group found that nearly one-third of SaaS users had experienced data loss, despite SaaS providers’ assurances to protect their users’ data.

Cloud backup for SaaS applications (like Office 365 and Salesforce) and offers:

  • Compliance: If your business deals with sensitive customer information, a secure cloud backup environment ensures the security of your data. This protects the long-term protection for all data you create within your SaaS application, keeping your business within regulations.
  • Security: A good enterprise cloud provider should be able to meet the needs of HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  • Liability Protection: You can “lose” some of your data within a SaaS vendor’s environment. Best practices for the enterprise need to include creating a backup copy of their data to a secure, non-vendor location.
  • Recoverable Data: Another leading cause of data loss in SaaS application is end-user error. Sometimes, users will accidentally delete or overwrite their documents. End-users can retrieve older versions of their files from their cloud backup provider.

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Originally published on April 20, 2015

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