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Centre Technologies is excited to announce an EXCLUSIVE webinar with ESPN Analyst and "bracketology" founder, Joe Lunardi. Lunardi will join us for a live webinar to break down this year's March Madness lineup and predict upsets to help you build the perfect bracket. Get the skinny below (including your link to register)! 

At Centre, we have always been proud of our ability to pair our passion for providing quality IT support  with your passions in the world around us. In the past, we have hosted a myriad of events focused on securing your business while challenging the status quo that it can only be via traditional means. Shout out to sipping whiskey while taking a deep dive into Arctic Wolf's cybersecurity tips. 

These events, such as our Saint Arnold Crawfish Boil and Hardcore Carnivore events, were designed to help you as business owners and IT professionals understand the importance of cloud, cybersecurity, and solving other IT pain points with an emphasis on how it can be integrated into your daily operations. A plus side, of course, is an unlikely marriage between better securing your business and having fun while you do it. 

Surely you wouldn't expect anything less from this event. 

We're incredibly excited to announce an upcoming, private webinar event that will capture the attention of both sports fans and tech enthusiasts alike. We will have Joe Lunardi, the legendary bracketologist, dig into his top picks and help you predict the upsets for a perfect bracket to submit into Centre's bracket challenge (plus, there are prizes...). Lunardi will share his expert analysis of the tournament, highlighting the players and teams that are most likely to succeed, and the potential upsets that could shake up the bracket. The best part? It's sure to be a slam dunk (oh come on, you knew I was going to say it). 

Joe Lunardi is the resident Bracketologist for ESPN (and also inventor of the very science). Each year,  Lunardi breaks down the Tournament hopefuls, provides year-round team analysis, and offers real-time, in-season bracket updates of potential seedings and pairings. This webinar will offer you his VIP analysis and give you the opportunity to submit a bracket to our challenge (did I mention PRIZES?). 

Alongside our partner in preventing cybersecurity crime, Arctic Wolf, we are pumped for this opportunity to get an inside look into the sometimes convoluted world of March Madness brackets (much like security, it would seem!). 

As always, our focus on security and technology remains a core part of our mission, and we encourage attendees to bring their questions and insights to the discussion. We look forward to an engaging and informative event that showcases the intersection of sports, technology, and security. Stay tuned for more information and get ready to learn from the best! 


Event Information at a glance:

  • WHO: Joe Lunardi and Centre Technologies, powered by Arctic Wolf
  • WHAT: Webinar breaking down March Madness and providing insight into your bracket!
  • WHEN: March 14th @ 10:30am CT
  • WHERE: Register for a link to the webinar! We'll see you there. 
  • WHY: Our desire is to provide you with first-class experiences that ensure you get what you want when you need it. Join this webinar to not only set yourself up for success in March Madness, but in your security posture as well. 


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Originally published on February 17, 2023

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