Centre Joins Round Rock Chamber of Commerce

Centre Becomes a member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce

Centre Technologies is excited to be the newest member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce, located on 212 East Main Street, Round Rock, Texas. As Round Rock continues to grow as a key economic and professional presence in Texas, Centre looks forward to providing enterprise-grade solutions and a local presence to organizations within the region. The award-winning IT company believes that every business, in industries ranging from financial services to telecommunications and manufacturing, can benefit from the efficiency, security, and scalability the right IT systems and support deliver. 

The managed IT service provider and consulting firm aims to bring diverse expertise and innovative technologies, such as cloud and cybersecurity solutions and services, to help businesses in the community grow with confidence.

Centre is excited for the opportunity to be more involved in the community and help professionals, organizations, and industries in the greater Austin area through IT project management, managed IT services, cloud and cybersecurity consulting, and/or IT strategy advising. 

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About The Round Rock Chamber of Commerce

The Round Rock Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to ensuring the city's economic development fulfills its potential through support, collaboration, and community between business leaders. Between educational and leadership programs, an abundance of resources and networking opportunities, and trustworthy investments, the non-profit has a mission towards direct and tangible positive impact for its member organizations. 



Originally published on August 5, 2021

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