Centre Joins North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Centre Becomes a member of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Centre is proud to be a new member of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, supporting businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to services and finance. Centre has sought to be an active and involved member of the chamber, attending multiple professional panels and events to learn from and aim to help other small to mid-sized businesses across San Antonio.  

Centre is excited to play a focal role during the Big Data and Analytics chamber event on August 26th, helping businesses understand the importance of storing and warehousing data appropriately to be able to use automotive tools, enabling digital transformation and improved information security and compliance.  

“We are hoping to set the stage for the Robotics/Automation speaking event in September, teaching businesses how to leverage big data properly in order to take advantage of automation and machine learning”  

Director of Strategic Revenue 

Centre Technologies

The Robotics and automation event in September will feature the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) and help regional businesses harness tools such as robotic process automation and automated deployment and management tools such as Microsoft Intune.  

SA-TX-Chamber-Commerce-MemberAbout The North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

The North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, located on Country Parkway, San Antonio, has a mission to strengthen members’ organizations “through the delivery of legislative advocacy, professional development, and leadership recognition programs.”



Originally published on July 20, 2021

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