What is Technology?

The word “technology” originates from the Greek words “techne” and “logos.” Broken down, the etymology of the word “technology” means, “art, skill or craft” and “the way a thought is expressed.” In its most poetic form, technology is the expression of a skill.

The modern world uses technology in synergy with our arsenal of gadgets and commodities. Technology is an umbrella word to describe the tools we use to connect with each other, our environment, and the world at large. However, what is technology?

The shortest answer: technology is a tool. When leveraged correctly, technology is a tool that allows you to achieve your desired outcome.

Five Categories of Technologies

An article on BusinessDictionary.com breaks technology down into five categories:

  1. Tangible Technology
  2. Intangible Technology
  3. High Technology
  4. Intermediate Technology
  5. Low Technology

How Technology Evolved as a Tool for Enterprise

Technology has always been a tool to enhance the way businesses work. Sewing machines streamlined the textile industry, the steam engine changed the way consumers were connected to goods, and the computer has revolutionized the way employees work with business-critical data.

Enterprise technology for IT infrastructure is a system designed to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Create, organize, and store business data
  • Optimize communication and collaboration
  • Encourage workplace creativity and innovation
  • Ensure the security of the business’s assets
  • Enable employees to quickly access the tools they need
  • Improve systems and resources management
  • Save time and improve how time is spent
  • Stay competitive with the best tools
  • Scale their operations and processes to their growth
  • Keep more accurate records

The history of the workplace involves hours of human labor, manual management of information, and lackluster communication techniques. Enterprise technology for IT infrastructure gives businesses the processing power, storage capacity, and high performance to help businesses achieve even advanced business growth objectives.

The Challenge: Implementing the Right Technology

Your business is already using technology, but is it using the right technology? Is your current infrastructure updated with the tools to handle the massive volumes of data your employees and customers are generating daily? Can you infrastructure scale to your business growth without compromising your systems? Is your infrastructure protected against the new breeds of cybersecurity threats?

Our consultants know how to develop enterprise technology into the tool you need it to be. Contact us to find out how our C-Stack and project methodologies can transform the way you work.

Originally published on July 20, 2015

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