Converged Infrastructure Consolidates IT Management and Support

What is Converged Infrastructure?

The more important questions is, “What does a converged infrastructure do?”

Also called “infrastructure-in-a-box,” converged infrastructure solutions combine the elements of IT infrastructure (servers, virtualization software, networking, and storage) and streamlines these components by simplifying the flow of information.

In other words, converged infrastructure allows businesses to consolidate their servers and optimize their network resources while being able to support multiple processes faster than traditional infrastructures currently can.

Bundling Lines of Business with Converged Infrastructure

Today, most business’s IT departments are a combination of four branches of IT infrastructure: network, compute, operations, and telephony.

Although this separated model has worked for years, innovations in virtualization and cloud technology has allowed IT manufactures like Cisco UCS, Nimble SmartStack, and Dell to introduce a more optimized option for businesses.

Converged Infrastructure provides all of the features of the traditional IT ecosystem but with one new benefit: it packages all of IT’s components. This allows businesses with complex IT infrastructures to:

  • Virtualize their networking processes and data.
  • Compress and protect their storage.
  • Cost-effectively scale their IT resources.
  • Manage all complex systems from a single point of orchestration.
  • Enjoy faster IT with less infrastructure.

How Converged Infrastructure Benefits Your Business

  1. Get more for less, and faster-Optimize your business’s IT processes with less components.
  1. Reduce future costs- IT will inevitably change every 18 months. Converged infrastructure IT solutions are scalable and designed to be adapted with a company’s growing needs. When your business needs to make changes to keep up with IT developments (i.e. cloud computing), it will already be one step ahead with converged infrastructure.
  1. Guaranteed support- When your IT is consolidated, so is your technical support. Converged infrastructure vendors eliminate the hassle of calling three different phone numbers for support for each type of component.

Learn more about Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Certified IT consultants at Centre Technologies can show you how converged infrastructures optimize your business processes. Contact your local Centre Technologies in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, or Austin today.

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Originally published on June 4, 2014

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