Almost Half of All Companies Are Hit by a DDoS Attack- Is Your Company Next?

Posted by Centre on July 9, 2014

DDoS Protection More Critical Then Ever

What does Feedly, Evernote, Vimeo, Meetup, Bitcoin, and the World Cup Website have in common?

These large international companies were all victims of DDoS attacks (distributed-denial-of-service attacks) in 2014. reports that DDoS attacks occur daily around the world.

DDoS is a cyber attack that floods a company’s server with so many requests that the server shuts down. The resulting downtime on the company website can cause thousands of dollars in loss in the course of one day.

Why Does a Business Need DDoS Protection?

The greatest impact of a DDoS attack is downtime. If customers can not access the company website for services, they are more likely to seek services from one of your competitors.

Additionally, DDoS attacks are getting more sophisticated. Instead of a random barrage of requests, the attacks are starting to become targeted to specific areas of the company server. Some DDoS attacks are even being used as a front to cover back-end data hacks.

The best protection against a DDoS attack is a strong network that uses prophylactic detection and defense software. A good DDoS protection provider will offer:

  • Centralized management of protection software.
  • Multiple points of defense and detection.
  • Hardware to direct and deter high volume attacks.
  • Security modules that detect problems in real-time.

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