Interview with Kathy Pace Scholarship Winner - Katelyn Trout

The Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship honors the late Kathy Pace, who strongly believed in supporting the community. As the role of technology changes, the next generation of technology professionals need to possess the compassion and commitment to use technology as a tool to improve the world they live in. The scholarship was awarded to one college student, Katelyn Trout, who is going to be a Sophomore at Texas A&M with her major in Computer Science. She's working her way to becoming a Programmer. We sat down with her on Thursday at our Houston office to discuss her future plans.



What got you into Technology?

In the 6th grade, I went to an all girls engineering camp and fell in love with technology. I developed a knack for math and science.

What influenced your major?

I started to really enjoy my programming classes so decided to pursue it full time as a Computer Science major. This way I could maximize the amounts of programming classes I took.

What do you hope to accomplish while in college?

I want to finish my degree, makes lots of friends and get some good internships.

Career goals?

To work at a job that doesn’t feel like a job.

How will this scholarship help you?

This scholarship will let me focus on my studies and school instead of worrying about paying my tuition for the semester. I want to thank Centre Technologies for this honor. You guys are the best!

kathyp CEO, Chris Pace and Scholarship Winner, Katelyn Trout


We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Katelyn. The future looks very bright for you!

Originally published on August 8, 2016

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