Interview with Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship Recipient Douglas Guberman

Centre Technologies is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship, Douglas Guberman. Douglas is on track to earn his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University-Lubbock in December 2019. He is currently a Cadet with the United States Air Force ROTC (Detachment 820) and is slated to be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation. We sat down with him in January at our Dallas office to discuss his future plans.

The Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship honors the late Kathy Pace, who strongly believed in supporting the community. As the role of technology continues to evolve, it is important that we encourage and provide young adults academic opportunities to achieve their educational endeavors, with the hope that they will leverage their experience to improve the world we live in. 

Technology is how you change the world as well as create a lasting impact. It’s the one thing you can always leave it better than you found it. Just like I described in my essay about the Lockheed C-130 and how this type of technology has been in production for nearly seven decades and that alone is huge for technology because any piece of technology designed today will most likely be obsolete in a decade.


Douglas Guberman

Scholarship Recipient


What influenced you to choose technology as your major?

A: I was an engine Mechanic on AC-130 gunships in the Air Force Special Operations Command and since I was already mechanically inclined I decided to study mechanical engineering.


Which course subjects have you been most inspired by recently?

A: My favorite classes thus far have been Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.


Whatdo you hope to accomplish while in college?

A: I am already in the honors college, so my academic goal is to graduate in December with the highest honors and I am also a Cadet from Air Force ROTC Detachment 820, Texas Tech University, so I plan to finish there and transfer in as a 2ndlieutenant once I graduate.


What are your future career goals?

A: My future career goals are to stay in the Air Force after I graduate and commission in as a 2ndlieutenant and once I retire from active duty, I will move onto a civilian sector position.


How will the Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship empower you to reach your future career goals?

A: Receiving this scholarship will allow me to afford my living expenses so that I do not have to work and can devote more time to my studies.


What does it mean to you that Centre Technologies has this annual scholarship opportunity?

A: I think it’s amazing that a small company can give out such a generous scholarship, not even big companies will do that for students pursuing a technical or STEM education. I think Centre is doing a great job at promoting a scholarship such as this because it encourages students to continue their education in the technical field and we need more technical people.


The Centre team wishes you all the best in your future endeavors, Douglas—the future looks very bright for you!

Originally published on November 11, 2018

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