Is it Cybersecurity, Cyber-Security, or Cyber Security?

Have you ever noticed all the different spellings of security as it relates to cyber affairs? There’s “cyber security,” “cyber-security,” and a complete merging of the two words, “cybersecurity.” At first glance, there seems to be no one correct spelling. Even if you type in “cyber security” in Google, tons of articles, with the inclusion of all three spellings, pop up.

But why are there so many different spellings of the word, or two words, if they all mean the same thing – or do they mean the same thing?

So, to separate or not to separate –that is the question.

What is Cyber?

Webopedia defines the word “cyber” as “A prefix used in a growing number of terms to describe new things that are being made possible by the spread of computers.”

With technology continuing to take over the world, the prefix could be added to anything to imply a relation to technology –hence “cyberbullying,” “cyberspace,” etc.

Down to the Basics

A DigitalCrazyTown blog post found that the spelling of cyber and its suffixes may depend on where you live, what you’re trying to emphasize, or on your technical communities’ preferences. “In time, you will see them as hyphenated words and then as compound words written as one word. Different dictionaries will offer different ways of spelling them, often noting that all three forms are acceptable.”

Interestingly, both online dictionaries Merriam-Webster and Webopedia do not deem “cyber security” as a definable term, instead they recognize the morphed word, “cybersecurity.”

Also, according to a post by GovTech, the single word has been used more in Washington D.C. The White House, Washington Post and other relevant news sources are using it instead of the other renditions.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement of technology and the evolution of English vocabulary, the different spellings are all deemed acceptable in the industry. However, in years to come, hopefully we’ll see a formal, consistent spelling of this cyber word –and all the others that are quickly emerging amidst our technical world.

So, for now, we’ll stick to “cybersecurity.”

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Originally published on September 22, 2015

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