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Ah, Austin. Famous for artsy outdoor graffiti, keeping it weird, and a massive amount of startup companies, this city never fails to impress. Speaking of startups, Austin has been named one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs to kick off their business ventures, even beating out Silicon Valley. While this might be great for Austin’s economy, a sizable gap exists between the initial kick-off of a new startup and actual long-term success. In order to adequately fill this gap and get your business booming, new companies must be able to leverage the right technology.

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That said, many startups don’t have the resources or know-how to implement and use the latest technology to their advantage. Luckily, third-party IT providers exist for that very reason: to provide cost-effective services to businesses who do not have the time or resources to effectively manage their own IT activities.

So, what’s the issue, then?

Unfortunately, many startup owners are hesitant to outsource any of their business functions. This could be a result of the pride that these owners have in running their own business, or it could simply come from a fear of failure. With 37 percent of startups failing because of a lack of capital or profitability, it’s easy to understand why so many entrepreneurs are wary of investing their money in third-party managed services.

Despite the skepticism from some startup owners, we’re here to tell you that managed services can actually help your budding business. Read on as we explain why startups need to leverage the right technology to stay competitive and how you can find the best third-party IT services Austin Texas has to offer for your own startup.


Why Startups Need the Right Technology

Listed below are three main reasons that startups should be leveraging the right tech for their business.

Improve Sales

Generating sales is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the sheer amount of competition that startup businesses have. Your firm’s bottom line directly contributes to its ability to thrive and expand, meaning that no sales equals no growth. With that said, when a startup uses the right tech to improve their customer touchpoints (such as VOIP telephony), they can provide better service to their clients, thereby driving more sales and increasing profits. In order to leverage this tech to the fullest, you should invest in third-party IT services that offer such communication solutions and aim to give you maximum uptime so that your customers can get the support they need, when they need it.

Increase Credibility

The last thing you want as a startup company is for a data breach to completely destroy the business that you worked so hard to build from scratch. Outsourced IT security services are designed to help you defend your firm’s network against malicious hackers and other cyber threats that could tear down your enterprise’s reputation, or worse – its entire existence. Plus, the extra layer of protection that third-party providers have to offer doesn’t just bode well for your own startup’s safety; it also reflects positively on your business in the eyes of consumers.

Enhance Productivity

Startups require a lot of long hours, hard work, and constant communication. It’s true that in order to build a stable foundation for your business, you need to have a strong team supporting you. However, it is quite common for your employees to be working from various locations, as many startup teams don’t start out in an office. Utilizing managed IT services that enable hassle-free IT support and scalable communication solutions for your small (but growing) staff is a great way to ensure that your current and future team members aren’t busy dealing with pesky tech issues instead of helping your business flourish.


Finding the Best IT Services Austin Texas has to Offer

While there is no definitive answer on which managed service provider (MSP) you should choose for your startup, there are two important questions that you should ask all of your prospective providers:

  1. Do you have experience with other startup businesses? 
    Seeking out a provider that has previously worked with other startup companies means that they’re familiar with the unique needs of new businesses and the kinds of solutions that work best for them.

  2. How do you stay on top of technology trends, standards, and updates? 
    Be sure to look for an MSP that is able to drive results for your business via the latest technology while upholding a high level of IT standards.

Interested in leveraging third-party IT services for your startup? Contact us at Centre Technologies today to learn more about our Managed Service packages and other IT solutions.

Originally published on April 16, 2021

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