5 Requirements for Delivering Exceptional IT Customer Support as You Grow

UPDATED: January 3, 2024

What’s the key to IT companies' ability to deliver friendly, honest and caring IT support when you're growing? It comes down to some key qualities and standards for how customer service is delivered, how they engage with vendors and partners, and who Managed Services Providers recruit and employ IT staff. As you grow, so too should your service delivery grow, but that shouldn't change your quality of support and service, regardless of your industry


Customer support and customer service go hand in hand. And to be honest, it can be one of the most challenging aspects of any company's business growth. As you grow, your customers will only grow, but their needs for support and service will never change, only multiply as you get bigger.

It can seem daunting, we get it. But in order to remain operational, consider these 5 requirements so you continue to deliver quality support and service as you grow. 

5 Key Requirements for Delivering the Best Tech Support as You Grow

Strive for Excellence

Do not accept mediocrity. Our standards are set high and we hold each other accountable to achieve them. We want to ensure that each interaction – whether it’s with our clients, vendors or each other — is the best it can be and continuously strive to improve beyond that. First and foremost, we are people helping people in any capacity needed for each situation.

This is paramount as you grow. More hands on deck should mean a higher standard for excellence, not just remaining on par with your current status. Strive for the best and you'll provide the best. 

Remain Committed to the Team

Team members should be eager to help others and willing to go above and beyond their primary responsibilities to serve your clients and company. No single person knows everything — but we can engage each other respectfully and collaborate to solve any issue that comes our way. Growing businesses also face the challenge of possible new employees you have to work with, additional bandwidth issues, or problems of work ethic with new team members, but by remaining committed to a team mindset (and if you don't have one already, start there), the focus shifts from the company success to the team's success. 

Operate with Integrity and Professionalism

Even in an expanding business that can be stressed and overcommitted, interacting with your clients, vendors, and team with the utmost integrity and conduct yourselves as professionals is a must. Centre Technologies and our partners are committed to delivering friendly and memorable IT support to clients while still remaining totally professional in appearance, communication and demeanor. Mission accomplished!

Learn, Grow, Improve

Never stop learning. Never stop innovating. That's why you're growing, right? We love solving challenging problems and sharing our knowledge. When we hire, we are not only looking for people who have impressive skills in their field already — whether their role is technical, administrative or sales — but people who want to learn and continually improve themselves. Technology is ever-changing and advancing, so we must be as well!

Even as you feel the strains of expansion, improve. Learn. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve, especially in customer support and service. As you learn and improve, more growth will follow. Wash, rinse, and repeat. 

Humbly Confident

We attract people with positive attitudes that exhibit both humility and confidence. Our staff is able to turn constructive criticism into growth and possesses enough faith in themselves and their abilities to take charge of any situation at hand. Being "humbly confident" may be an oxymoron, but there is a time and place for both. Lean into those traits and watch your growth become respected and revered both internally and externally. 

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Originally published on January 14, 2019

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