What is Cybercrime?

What is Cybercrime?

Did you know that over 1.5 million cyber-attacks occur every year? In fact, the Insurance Information Institute found that in 2014, over $1.6 billion was stolen from 12.7 million internet users in the U.S.

Because of the virtually-connected world we live in today, cybercrime is a bigger risk now than ever before and a serious threat to anyone using the internet. But, what exactly is it? 

Webopedia defines cybercrime as “any criminal act dealing with computers and networks.” This includes acts of hacking, phishing, or spamming online material. Cybercriminals can use computer technology to access personal data and business trade secrets. Cybercrime is also used as a tool to commit malicious acts, such as cyberbullying and other hate crimes.

Cybercrime can be separated into two categories:

  • Crimes that target computer networks and devices, such as viruses, malware, and denial of service (DoS) attacks.
  • Crimes that use computer networks to perform criminal activities, like identity theft and cyberbullying.

Common Types of Cybercrime

  1.       Identity theft
  2.       Email spam
  3.       Theft of sensitive data
  4.       Theft of intellectual property
  5.       Cyberbullying

How to Fight Attacks of Cybercrime

Here’s four ways to help you make for a safer and more secured environment:

  • Implement IP traffic protection - Integrated application systems secure the network against attacks and identifies potential threats through end-to-end security.
  • Activate your firewall - Firewalls act as the first line of defense, blocking connections to unfamiliar sites, hackers, and viruses.
  • Use anti-virus/malware software - Prevent viruses from infecting your network. Regularly install and update your software to ensure quality protection.
  • Block spyware attacks - Prevent spyware from creeping into your computer by installing and updating anti-spyware software.

Protect Your Cyberspace – Choose Centre Technologies

Would you feel safe if your doors were unlocked while you were sleeping or while you were away? Like the security of your home, protecting your cyberspace from invasive criminals is just as important. Choose the strongest line of defense with best-in-breed tools to protect your environment. Choose Centre Technologies. Contact us today.  

Originally published on September 29, 2015

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