8 Good Reasons To Promote Workplace Mobility

Workplace mobility is more than a trendy buzzword — it’s one of the greatest revolutions impacting businesses of all sizes. Today, it’s a vital aspect of modern business operations. The changing work landscape — driven by innovative technologies and evolving employee needs — prioritizes workplace mobility. Although some enterprises may shy away from remote work, there is a growing case arguing in favor of a mobile workforce.

What Is Workplace Mobility?

Workplace mobility is a strategy that enables employees to work outside the traditional office setting — whether remotely or on the go — using technology. Workplace mobility allows businesses to adapt to the changing work landscape and meet the evolving needs of their workforce.

These needs may include a desire for flexibility and a work-life balance that accommodates personal commitments. This is particularly significant during the holidays when staff may want to be away from the office. Employees seek the freedom to work from anywhere, as it allows them to manage their responsibilities while staying connected to their work.

Workplace Mobility Benefits

Adopting workplace mobility offers numerous benefits, making it an ideal choice for businesses. Let’s delve into these advantages in detail.

1. Portability

One of the best things about a smartphone or tablet is that your employees can take it anywhere. These powerful devices can follow your employees as they travel to off-site meetings or do other remote work. Additionally, you can use mobile devices within large enterprises to facilitate workplace communications wherever you go. 

For example, you can make calls from the services side of the building to communicate with your team in the office. Employees can stay engaged with work wherever they are without finding a phone.

2. Real-Time Data Capture

Real-time data capture — made possible by mobile devices — empowers businesses to respond swiftly to changing circumstances and make informed decisions. This is a crucial asset during the holiday season when staying updated on market trends. Customer interactions can be the difference between success and stagnation.

Apps and digital scans can upload customer and employee data in real-time. This offers better business intelligence with less human error and eliminates post-event data entry. It also helps your employees streamline a few of their data collection processes. 

3. Availability

When you have a workplace mobility strategy, it’s like always having your employees within reach. Likewise, your employees will always have the resources they need at their fingertips. Availability works both ways, and when done correctly, it leads to more productivity, better workplace communication and the ability to instantly reach remote employees.

4. Productivity

In a world where being tethered to a desk seems increasingly outdated, mobility liberates employees to work on the go. Productivity thrives in such an environment. Picture your team effortlessly managing tasks while traveling for the holidays or swiftly resolving issues from the comfort of their homes. 

Remote work improves productivity by eliminating the constraints of a traditional office, allowing employees to work in their preferred environments and at their most productive times, leading to enhanced focus and efficiency. Employee performance, the driving force behind the global shift toward remote work, soars when mobility becomes a core strategy. 

5. Teamwork

Workplace communication improves exponentially when you have a mobile workforce, and even employees charged with remote work can still stay connected to the rest of their team. Mobile apps allow your employees to contribute to the project from wherever they are, and the aforementioned availability means that internal issues can be addressed quickly.

6. Global Reach

One notable aspect of promoting workplace mobility is the ability to reach a global audience effortlessly. This becomes particularly crucial during holidays and events when businesses aim to connect with diverse markets.

Mobility allows companies to interact with clients, partners and customers across different time zones. It ensures your business remains agile, responsive and capable of capitalizing on global opportunities, even when your team is away for the holidays.

7. Competitive Advantage

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, adaptability and innovation are pivotal. Mobility enables your company to stay agile and responsive, making adapting to changing times and evolving customer needs easier. By fostering a mobile work environment, your business positions itself as forward-thinking and better equipped to outperform competitors who are slower to adapt.

8. Cost Reduction

By enabling your employees to work remotely, you can reduce expenses related to office space, utilities and maintenance. Additionally, employees can save on commuting costs, and the business can optimize resources, leading to significant savings.

During the holiday season when budget considerations are on the mind, adopting mobility can help your business operate more cost-effectively while maintaining productivity and performance. It's a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.

Take Advantage of a Full-Service MDM Provider

Managing workplace mobility efficiently requires the right tools. That's where mobile device management (MDM) comes in. MDM is the key to maintaining security and control over your mobile workforce. Partnering with a full-service MDM provider offers several advantages — they can help you set up and manage your mobile infrastructure, ensure data security and provide support when your employees need it most.

With their expertise, you can navigate the intricacies of workplace mobility during the holidays, allowing your team to stay productive and connected while you focus on your core business objectives. It's a strategic move that brings peace of mind and efficiency.

Make Centre Technologies Your Mobility Partner

As you gear up for a more mobile and productive workforce, consider Centre Technologies as your trusted partner. We're a full-service IT consulting and managed services provider with a decade-long commitment to helping businesses thrive through innovative technology. From secure managed services to cloud solutions and cybersecurity expertise, we've got you covered. 

When you’re ready to reap the benefits of workplace mobility, contact Centre Technologies today to help you develop and implement a mobility strategy that meets your needs.


Originally published on November 3, 2023

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