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It seems to happen so slowly, yet it’s over before you can react. A twitch of your wrist knocks the Styrofoam coffee cup off balance. Your heart skips a beat, and for a tenth of a second you’re audacious enough to believe only a drop or two will break free and land harmlessly next to the keyboard.

You realize that would be too good to be true. The cup tips another ten degrees and reaches the point of no return. You flail and try to catch it, but you’re too late. Steaming black coffee splashes over your computer and it’s gone before you can even say goodbye.

So are all the spreadsheets. All the documents. The last two months of grueling work. Coffee isn’t the only productivity killer out there, though. As much as we rely on technology, it’s fragile and fickle if improperly managed. Phishing and malware steal important information from businesses and individuals every day. Files become corrupted and unusable when you need them most. IT support seems like an afterthought until a technological crisis happens to you. Neglecting IT support is one of the biggest risks a business can take, but properly investing in it can protect you from forces that are much more malicious than spilled coffee.

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IT Support Insulates Your Business From Outside Threats

Internet fraud is more common than ever, and as more digital natives enter the workforce, scammers are evolving and becoming more sophisticated. For businesses that work with customer records, especially in the medical and insurance fields, a digital security breach can have serious financial and ethical implications.

IT support can shore up your network architecture to protect your business’s precious data from outside threats that would violate your customers’ privacy. It will also implement commonsense security policies like rotating passwords and dual verification to keep lucky or observant troublemakers out.

IT Support Protects From User Error and Makes Businesses More Effective

IT support isn’t just a defense against external threats; it also helps eliminate the risks that are inherent to technology used by employees. Remember that cup of coffee? In a workplace devoid of proper IT support, all the information on that computer could be lost. IT professionals will work to implement workplace technologies like cloud backups and shared storage so that data, the lifeblood of your business, is tied to the cloud rather than to fragile desktop devices.

IT support can also help set up shared email servers, maintain websites, and transform your office into a collaborative machine rather than a simple place to get work done.

With the right mindset and expertise, information technology can be a powerful tool instead of a chore. IT service providers like Centre Technologies are ready to help your business embrace its future, and we’re never more than a call away. We’d love to help you out.

Originally published on January 19, 2017

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