Doing office moves right, the first time.

Planning an office move can be a daunting task as concerns to maintaining productivity while providing a smooth transition for employees. This continues to be the priority focus for all businesses. Experience, support and reputation become the key elements for doing office moves right, the first time.


Becoming an Extension of Your Team

Centre Technologies' reputation derives from the success of Centre's Project Services. By applying Centre's various internal resources to support office moves, a dedicated team member from Projects Services assumes the role within your business and owns the entire move from start to finish. This dedicated team member becomes an extension of your team as they work closely to understand the timeline, coordinate all moving parts and ensure deadlines are met. Additional support from Centre Assist™ Secure Managed Services during and after your move provides businesses with peace of mind that an experienced consultant is available and prepared to assist you 24x7x365. 


Services that Deliver Beyond Expectations

Centre's Project Services supports your business by providing the following services to ensure a seamless office move:

checkmark icon_blue-1 Coordinate and Validate Circuit Turn Up checkmark icon_blue-1 Drive Scoping and Completion of Network/Server Footprint 
checkmark icon_blue-1 Determine and Coordinate Connectivity in Suite (if necessary) checkmark icon_blue-1 Drive and Provide IT Procurement
checkmark icon_blue-1 Manage Build-out and Construction Completion/Verification checkmark icon_blue-1 Configuration and Installation of all Phone Systems
checkmark icon_blue-1 Coordinate and Validate all Cabling and AV Components checkmark icon_blue-1 Plan and Coordinate Movers
checkmark icon_blue-1 Coordinate Furniture/Appliance Moves checkmark icon_blue-1 Support Users for Go Live (First Day in the New Space)
checkmark icon_blue-1 Ensure all Property Management Requirements are Completed checkmark icon_blue-1 Centre Assist Technical Support 24x7x365 During or Post Office Move


Preparing for Your Office Move

Once your organization determines the need for an office move, a proven best practice is to select a single primary point-of-contact to represent your business. This person should be capable of communicating the budget, timeline, and provide quick turnaround decisions when necessary. When the office move has been identified, Centre can begin the work immediately by reviewing the timeline, vetting necessary resources to support the project, and ensuring plans for deadlines and expectations will be met. Historically, including Centre in the planning process early on will increase the chances of identifying and resolving risks that could have otherwise delayed your project—costing you time and money.


Top 4 Critical Actions You Can't Afford to Ignore

Make sure you don't miss these mission critical aspects of every office move as identified by Centre's Project Services. 

PS image
C-Stack-CentreNet-Demo-07 Details, Details, Details
Each office move is different depending on how the organization is structured and operates. Centre will provide a general checklist to ensure basic business functionalities are discussed. Communicating and documenting details is ideal for a successful project. 

C-Stack-CentreNet-Demo-08 Office Equipment Procurement
Identify the need for equipment during the planning phase to avoid making heavy purchases post-move. This helps with mitigating user down time and ensures the highest level of productivity. 

C-Stack-CentreNet-Demo-09 Test and Validate Critical Applications, Devices or Shares
Performing necessary testing will eliminate loss of productivity on Day 1. If tests result in an access issue, it would be best to understand optional work-around to implement until access is restored. 

C-Stack-CentreNet-Demo-10 Verify Connectivity
It is crucial to test connectivity in the suite and understand the amount of bandwidth your organization needs in order to function comfortably. When moving offices with less employees, plan to keep the same bandwidth and scale down. Plan to test connectivity to determine the speed of day-to-day operations and how it compares prior to your move. 


Contact Centre Technologies to gain added expertise and support for a successful, efficient, and secure office-move. 

Originally published on November 21, 2019

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