Driving Down Cybersecurity Risks with Proactive Remediation

This industry leading transportation company sought out Centre to partner with them in maintaining their businesses protection through a layered security approach.

74% Reduced risks to workstations and 94% reduced risks to servers


Limited Resources

A team with limited resources struggled with visibility and knowledge of managing security vulnerabilities. Remediation and security patching were a top priority but caused challenges in maintaining compliancy. With Recent business growth, the company required PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) regulatory compliance.


Vulnerability Scanning

Initially, efforts were focused on utilizing a comprehensive WebApp. Through the remediation process, drastic month-over-month vulnerabilities were identified, starting with the most severe threats, then advancing to rapidly resolve the medium to low severity threats.

"We are 100% focused and dedicated to leaving no rock unturned—protecting our customers from unknowns with every security scan."


Director of Cybersecurity Services

Centre Technologies


Layered Security Approach

The company continues to see value from responsive workstations and server vulnerability management and remediation from Centre Assist™ technical consultants. Adding additional security layers with Centre’s SOCaaS Threat Containment to automatically isolate verified threats for workstations and Microsoft Azure will be an important next step to keep this team protected.


About this Legal Customer Serving the Transportation Industry
As an industry leader and pioneer for more than 30 years, few companies know as much about truck drivers and what they need to succeed on and off the road. This firm provides legal and support services for trucking and transportation companies across the United States.

About Centre Security Scanning Solutions
Proactice security scanning that blueprints a path for stronger security posture by rigorously tracking assets and workloads to identify blindspots, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities across your entire environment, and correcting misconfigurations that pose security risks.

Originally published on March 8, 2021

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