Consistent IT Support Built for Scalability and Efficiency

Centre became an all-in-one IT partner, providing effective managed services and IT solutions that supported business continuity.


Unpredictable Market Shifts

With the fluctuations in the market resulting in aggressive layoffs and loss of internal resources, the board of this private equity firm identified a need for an on-demand IT group that would allow them to be able to pivot quickly to minimize business disruption. The ability to implement scalable technology solutions for multiple portfolio companies became critical to minimizing cost.


IT Expertise. Anytime. From Anywhere. No matter what.

Centre Technologies specializes in providing on-demand IT Consulting for startups and strategic software consolidation for Mergers and Acquisitions. Using an IT Blueprint, Centre used a roadmap to replicate a secure cloud strategy across multiple portfolio companies and stabilize IT operations. With our expertise in a variety of software and applications, companies were able to scale down and only pay for the technology needed.

Industry Experience primarily in Oil and Gas, followed by Financial, Engineering, Technology and Other industries. Nearly 60% of Centre customers are Private Equity backed and customers save up to 37% from cloud migration and optimization.


Consistency and Reliability

Partnering with Centre means solving complex business challenges before they occur giving companies visibility into a predictable IT budget to achieve operational efficiency and ROI, Centre works alongside businesses to optimize cost consumption of technology, reduce cybersecurity risks, and provide on-demand IT expertise and support — fast tracking the value of your investment.

About this Private Equity Customer
A global private equity firm currently managing more than $40 billion in private equity assets. The firm has a portfolio of more than 150 companies focused on building resilient businesses with solid growth potential.

Originally published on December 1, 2020

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