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As with all San Antonio Law Firms, time is of the essence. This law firm did not want to encounter or experience any setbacks due to their IT environment. Luckily, they did not have to encounter a dire situation to realize the switch to cloud would be the next step in modernizing their practice and securing access to important data anywhere, anytime. 

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Biggest Challenges Facing Law Firms

This law firm wanted to ensure around-the-clock access to important data to solidify the best experience for their clients. While they were introduced to the benefits of the cloud such as immediate access to new enhancements, flexible server space, and decreased upkeep cost, they were apprehensive due to perceived limitations such as inability to work like normal from other locations. 

"...I cannot afford for my system to go down. If my computers go down, my office is shut down. Centre recognizes that and, in my experience, has very quickly responded to downtime."

- CEO of Law Firm 



Helping Law Firms be Successful

It became clear that the cloud would propel this law firm forward and set them apart from the competition. Once activated, employees were able to access and print important documents for clients from anywhere at anytime without threatening network security. By utilizing automatic software updates, 24x7 support, and cloud backups, employees could operate on a secure platform whilst enabling a more flexible workforce and therefore a more productive one. 

"I would recommend to other lawyers that they migrate their data to the cloud. It is so convenient to be able to access my files and my entire network from wherever I am, on any device that I happen to have available, whether it's my cell phone or an iPad or someone else's computer. I can access every bit of my data on the cloud and I can also print my data everywhere." 

- CEO of Law Firm 



Proven Results for Law Practices

Not only does this law firm now enjoy a more versitile workforce,  but their clients enjoy the increase in flexibility and around-the-clock access to data on a secure platform.  

"If somebody was considering [cloud], I would tell them to make the plunge. My experience with Centre partners has been a great experience"

- CEO of Law Firm 

Today, Centre Technologies continues to be a valued resource as the business evolves providing ongoing support, security, cloud, and threat remediation services.

About this Law Firm in San Antonio, TX
This San Antonio, Texas-based law firm specializes in complex personal injury cases involving serious bodily injury and wrongful death, including car and 18-wheeler truck accidents, cases involving medical malpractice and nursing home neglect and abuse, and legal malpractice. As one of the 'Top 100 Trial Lawyers' in Texas, this law practice was selected for inclusion in the Texas Super Lawyers, and was named a Top Medical Malpractice Lawyer by SA Scene.

About Managed IT Services and Cloud Desktops
Cloud Desktop Services from Centre Technologies combines scale, security, and cost benefits for a secure remote desktop from virtually anywhere. This Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering allows organizations to run virtual applications and desktop services in the public cloud to deliver consistent resources and experience to employees.

Originally published on August 23, 2022

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