Are You Confident in Your Network Security?

Sitting down to write about how you might feel about your network security, we wanted to be positive -- you know, avoiding scary gloom and doom. But when it comes to your business, fear, uncertainty and doubt are the realities you must face before you can be confident about protecting your business.

Of course, there are positive aspects of a more digital and tech-driven world: Your business now has access to millions of potential customers at each keystroke, payments are made in the blink of an eye, and managing records is simplified to electronic files on a hard drive instead of paper files in drawers. But there’s no denying that everything can be lost, or quickly compromised by hackers, if you haven’t taken the precautions to protect your data, your operation and your reputation.

So are you really confident your network security can protect everything you’ve worked for?

First, ask yourself whether you truly know what you’re doing with your network. Really be honest with yourself here. Most small and medium businesses don’t have internal strength here - and even large companies need assistance with some or all of it. That lack of knowledge and skill really isn’t by any fault of their own. The goal of your business is to succeed in whatever field you work in, not to focus on IT and technical issues. So it makes sense that something like network security would easily slip through the cracks, even if you believe you’ve thought of everything..

Secondly, accept that your growing company is a target for hackers. The larger and more successful you become, the more likely you are to attract their attention. Most hackers don’t want to take down an unknown entity ... there’s no fun (or profit) in that. Instead, they want to find wealthier, more successful and respected businesses with vulnerabilities … you won’t realize you are on their radar.

Third and most challenging is the fact that technology improves literally by the minute. While you’re focusing on improving business, hackers are “out there” solely focused on improving their methodology, timing and technology to hack systems and take advantage of weak networks. So your network could be getting weaker while you’re working on strengthening the bottom line.

When you think about those three things, it seems only a matter of time until something bad happens to your network. But the outlook doesn’t have to be so grim.

Our team at Centre Technologies works harder to protect our clients and partners than most hackers would to cause problems. Our business model is simple: never stop researching and always be on top of the latest technologies, keep our customers and their networks ahead of the game, partner with only best IT manufacturers, and hire the top talent in the IT field.

Our business literally depends on protecting your business. And we know that your main focus is your business’ growth, so we work hard so that you have nothing else to worry about. With Centre Technologies on your side, you can be confident that your network security is handled. Because we’re positive.

Originally published on April 13, 2017

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