Get Your Own Cloud- The Security Benefits of Private Cloud Solutions

You may recognize the term “private cloud,” but do you really understand the true value of what private cloud solutions can do for your business?

The word “private cloud,” also known as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), refers to a group of dedicated servers that are designed and managed exclusively for one company’s use. All cloud operations occur behind the company firewall, and it offers a high level of network security because it is centrally managed and monitored.

Can your business benefit from a partner-hosted private cloud solution?

5 Security Reasons to Convert to a Private Cloud Solution

  1. Secure Storage: Your private cloud solutions provider will equip your business with enterprise-level cloud storage and backup solutions. Not only will your data be difficult for hackers and viruses to penetrate, you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data can be easily retrieved.
  2. Disaster Recovery and Backup-as-a-Service: Related to secure storage, having your own private cloud means that you do not have to pay an intermediary party in order to retrieve your backed-up data from another server. You own all of the material within your private cloud. Even when you opt for a partner-hosted private cloud solution, retrieving your data after a disaster is part of your monthly fee.
  3. Virtualization: The next movement in workplace efficiency is virtualization, which allows employees to work anywhere and anytime. This may sound like a counterintuitive network security move, but when your employees access their workspaces within your private cloud, they also are able to work securely. Additionally, you are able to delegate permissions and access from a central point of command within your own cloud.
  4. User Access: You have complete control within your own private cloud because all operations happen within your corporate firewall. Because of this, you are able to grant or (more importantly) deny access to users within the cloud.
  5. Monitoring: Nothing escapes detection when you own your cloud. When you have a partner-hosted private cloud solution, your provider is able to generate reports on all attempts at breaching the firewall, as well as all activity within the cloud.

Find a Private Cloud Solutions Provider

One of the main advantages of choosing a partner-hosted private cloud is that maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of the provider. You are able to enjoy all of the privileges of a private cloud without having to update software, maintain colocation equipment, or hire staff for support.

If you think that a private cloud is right for your business, call 281-506-2480 to learn more about Centre Technologies’ Hosted Services options.

Originally published on October 6, 2014

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