Cloud Video Conferencing: 5 Reasons to Collaborate in the Cloud

Did you know that your audience misses out on more than half of what you are saying when they can’t see you? In fact, syntax is worth only 7% of overall communications (Gallo, C., 2007). Tone, pitch, and volume only make up 38% of effective communication.

With numbers like these, why is your business still using tools like phone conferencing to collaborate? The future of enterprise communications lies within cloud video conferencing. Lifesize Cloud was developed to give businesses like yours a competitive edge, allowing your team members to communicate effectively and securely.

Why Should Your Business Change to Cloud Video Conferencing?

Reason #1: Get Instant Access to Meetings from Any Device

Imagine being able to let your team members join the conversation from anywhere: the coffee shop, their home office, a remote site, or even as close as the office down the hall. Cloud video conferencing removes the constraints of forcing your entire team to meet in a single location for a briefing. Your team members can access any virtual meeting from their tablet, laptop, desktop, or even their Smartphone.

Reason #2: Enterprise-Level Security

What happens in the cloud, stays in the cloud. In the days of large sale security breaches, we know that a company’s most precious asset is its private information. The things that you discuss during your conferences should be kept as confidential as your client and business information, and unsecured video conferencing tools (like Skype) can jeopardize your privacy.

Reason #3: Cloud Video Conferencing with Lifesize is Easy to Use

Are the teleconference gods mean to you? Do you experience any and every technical difficulty possible when you are trying to access your team members for a telephone or web conferences? Connectivity, reception, and the simple act of being able to correctly dial-in to meetings are only a few things that can go wrong. With Lifesize Cloud, you have the added advantage of a simple interface and easy-to-use controls that take the hassle out of bringing your team together.

Reason #4: Cloud Video Conferencing is Scalable and Dynamic

Take a very real scenario: you and a colleague are having a one-on-one meeting, and the discussion comes to a halt because you need the input of another team member. In real time, you can search for that team member in the contact list, call them, and have them join the meeting from wherever they are.

Lifesize Cloud’s scalability also goes beyond single calls. As an admin, you can add or delete contacts and create as many virtual meeting rooms as your business needs. You can also delete virtual meeting rooms or set them to expire a few days after creation to avoid meeting room clutter based on their usage and the availability needs of your organization. This complete control over your virtual meeting environment allows you to scale it accordingly.

Reason #5: You May Already Have the Tools You Need to Get Connected

If your office already outfitted with Lifesize onsite, Polycom®, Cisco®, or Avaya® video endpoints, you do not have to change your video equipment to get access to Lifesize Cloud. All you have to do is download the Lifesize Icon, and you can get instantly connected to cloud video conferencing.

Take Collaboration to Next Level with Cloud Video Conferencing

Centre Technologies chose to partner with Lifesize because we believe in the value that their products give to our clients. If you’re ready to take your teamwork to the next level, contact us today to find out pricing options for cloud video conferencing.

Originally published on October 17, 2014

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