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Published on August 3, 2020

The cloud is a powerful technology for business growth, but many businesses wonder when to start utilizing it. Timing, circumstance, and priorities play a large role in whether your business is cloud ready.  

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about the cloud, but is it something to bring up in the next business meeting?

“The cloud” seems to be the term heard ‘round the world', from tech blogs to billboards, and its widespread adoption is no secret. Despite its popularity, however, two simple questions remain for many:

What exactly is the cloud?
...And Does it apply to my business?


What exactly is the cloud? 

Cloud computing, often referred to as “the cloud,” is the availability of computing resources, often storage and computing power, on-demand through the internet. Think if it as renting technology systems—rent out less to save a dwindling budget and more to match your business growth.

The cloud has become a natural step for many businesses, which isn’t surprising considering its numerous benefits. Businesses no longer must invest in, maintain, and manually secure physical technology hardware. Additionally, business data, software, and systems can be accessed from anywhere a network connection is present. 


Does it apply to my business? 

No matter your business’s size or industry, the cloud could be a worthy next step to transform and grow your organization. In fact, the flexibility of the cloud allows you to adopt tailored solutions—through public cloud services, private hosted services, or a hybrid approach—that work specifically for your budget and long-term goals. 

Whichever services you choose, a successful cloud journey depends on timing, circumstance, and priorities. To help assess if you are ready to move to the cloud, please refer to the checklist below: 


icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur business is ready for a new investment

If your current computer systems are reaching their retirement, the cloud could be the perfect replacement. However, if your business has recently invested in new IT systems, such as servers and workstations, you may want to make good use of those first. 

icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur employees have reliable internet access

Dependable internet service is the first step to establishing cloud adoption.


icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur team needs the ability to work remotely

Enable your employees to work from anywhere, anytime and allow your organization to keep moving.


icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur business is growing or expected to grow quickly

We don’t need to tell you that business growth is a wonderful thing but ensuring your technology can sustain larger operations can be challenging. The cloud lets you easily scale technology to your business needs, without making up-front investments that may be too large or too small.  

icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur IT department is stretched thin

Cloud services help take many tedious and time-consuming burdens off the IT department—from setting up and maintaining new hardware to installing and updating software. These processes are simplified with the cloud and may no longer be necessary.

icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur IT department could be doing more innovative work

With more time and focus on their hands, the IT department can now do exploratory work which takes your business further. Additionally, cloud solutions allow you to experiment with and quickly scale new digital transformation strategies.

icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur business needs to be able to control costs

The cloud is a dear friend to a tight budget. Your business can trade in hefty upfront investments for predictable (and flexible) monthly costs. 

icon-ul-li-uncheckboxBusiness continuity is a priority

Your business no longer must worry about system failures, power outages, and viruses halting your operations and losing your data. With the cloud, internal backup systems and copies of applications are stocked and ready to go.

icon-ul-li-uncheckboxOur business wants improved cybersecurity

94% of businesses see security improvements after adopting cloud solutions. With monitoring, threat detection, and reporting services, public and private cloud services can help you meet necessary compliance regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.


icon-ul-li-uncheckboxWe are looking to maximize operational efficiency

Deploying and optimizing proven cloud solutions transforms your business.

If a majority of the above applies to you or your business, contact Centre Technologies for a Cloud Readiness Assessment, a tailored and comprehensive guide for successfully kickstarting your cloud journey.  

Learn how Centre Technologies can help your organization reduce operational costs and and minimize business disruption.

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