Removable Media vs Cloud Storage: IT Solutions for Small Business

It is undeniable that your business has private data. This could include contact or financial information from your clients, communications between people on your team, or any confidential agreements between your partners. But how should you be storing and transporting your data? After all, you need a secure method so that you comply with regulations. Let’s explore the differences between removable media and the cloud to see which IT solutions for small and medium business are the best for you.

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Removable Media

Examples of removable media include USB flash drives, external hard drives, and optical discs. Each of these is a portable device that you can connect with your computer or network. They provide you with a space for data storage, and can be easily removed from the device reader because they aren’t incorporated into the computer. Because they have been around for several years now, they are evolved tremendously in terms of space.


Laptops and desktop computers have near-universal compatibility with removable media. Plus, your device is a one-time cost per product. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about monthly or annual fees to access your data, and it will be simple to connect to it. Once you accumulate enough data to fill up your device, you have to purchase another. Luckily, removable media is relatively inexpensive and not at all difficult to get your hands on. Another advantage is that there are fewer hacking concerns that come with removable media, as long as you keep it protected. Only provide certain users access to the data and store your equipment in a safe place. This will ensure that greater accountability is taken, should something happen.


Although some devices now hold several terabytes worth of data, some organizations require even more storage space. If you aren’t interested in continuing to buy new tools, removable media may not provide the right IT solutions for your small or medium business. Removable media also faces real-world problems. These include theft, damage, and the device eventually no longer working. Someone on your team may even misplace it. Losing files on these devices results in disruptions to your business as you scramble to get a hold of them. Considering they don’t come equipped with additional security features, getting the files back may not even be possible.

Cloud Storage

The cloud is a remote storage server that you can access through the internet. It can be owned by an individual user or managed by an IT service provider. Because the systems are online and don’t have any concrete boundaries, you are able to access them from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is upload your files, folders, and applications to the cloud server, and then everyone who has authorization can access them.


One of the most important IT solutions for small and medium business is data backups. This is the process of copying data to another location in case of a disaster. With customizable cloud computing technology, you can keep your information protected and easily be able to restore it. Your data will be available from anywhere, at any time. Unlike removable media, which is more about physical security, you can use access control technology in the cloud so that only certain people are able to work with that set of data. Making sure that it is encrypted is a big deal considering it will be transferred over the internet. A provider will actively prevent intruders from getting through your communication with a layered cybersecurity solution.


The primary issue with the cloud is that, if you don’t receive proactive responses to cyberattacks, your business is still liable for what occurs. With every component being online, you are left more exposed. Understand that even the biggest companies can face security breaches. A more minor problem is that poor internet connectivity could impact the speed. Were your internet to go down, if you solely depend on the cloud for data storage, you risk facing downtime. You can also experience frustrations with the cloud if you are trying to migrate your data to another provider. It would be in your best interest to just upgrade to a larger package with your current provider, if need be.

Which IT Solution Do You Choose?

There is no real reason for competition between removable media and the cloud. They each have strengths that your business can benefit from. So, it’s smart to incorporate both of them into your IT strategy. At the end of the day, you just have to have solutions that safeguard your information. Working with a managed IT service provider can ensure that you do have those safeguards in place by implementing a successful disaster recovery solution. Whether hit with a malicious action or an accident by an employee, your data should be easy to retrieve via IT solutions for small and medium business. Having a professional provider working alongside you will give you unlimited access to IT support and scalable solutions.

No matter what you are using to store and secure your data, working with professional managed IT service providers will keep you safe from cyber threats. Keep your sensitive information protected. Centre Technologies offers a range of IT solutions for small and medium business so that you can work without worry. Set up a consultation with us to discuss the specific business needs you would require in a customized agreement.

Originally published on March 22, 2022

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