Cloud Computing and Compliance for Financial Services in San Antonio

As a financial services company in San Antonio, maintaining FINRA and SEC compliance is crucial. This investment advisory firm wanted a way to ensure compliance while reducing downtime and increasing protection over client data. They reached out for help as soon as they realized how much they were spending on traditional IT maintenance and how it hindered their business.

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Maintaining Compliance Amidst Evolving Technology Needs

This company was experiencing downtime due to hardware and software troubleshooting. Not only was this downtime costing the business time, but money. After experiencing increasing break downs and interruptions, they reached out for an IT solution that could cut costs and deliver better IT support tailored to their business needs.

"The cost was actually very beneficial because we had taken a look at what we had spent in troubleshooting over the last 12 months. And lo and behold, it actually was more cost beneficial to transition to the cloud… Not only did we have access to that environment for multiple users, any one of our users can call up the IT department and get assistance with troubleshooting at no cost."

President and CEO
Wealth Management and Financial Planning Firm for Fortune 500 Employees and High-Net-Worth in San Antonio, TX



Cloud Migration Increasing Business Speed, Security, and Flexibility

Once fully transitioned to a cloud environment, this company experienced significantly less downtime and increased speed creating a noticeable difference in business operations. The cloud removed the need to replace hardware or parts, introduced remote working capability, and provided a way to store client data that did not rely on physical systems.


"You know the greatest thing I really love about the cloud it is very quick. When you are in the cloud, you're actually operating at a much faster pace than before because you're on their server… Now I can be in Dallas, or in Tampa, and the quickness of the cloud is very, very reliable. I mean there is no latency — without question. The cloud has definitely allowed me greater productivity. And not just for me, but for my staff. They can work from home if they like and do the same amount of work they would have here in the office."

President and CEO
Wealth Management and Financial Planning Firm in San Antonio



Accomplishing More with Cloud Computing

This wealth management firm continues to benefit from cloud desktop services that enable them to grow and function more efficiently. Through Desktop-as-a-Services (DaaS) offerings and enhancements, they enjoy easy scalability and a faster, more reliable environment.


"Our clients feel good, because they know that there's nothing here in the office — that is accessible — that's going to be compromising their personal data or information…"

President and CEO
San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Broker


About this Wealth Management and Financial Planning Firm
Established in 2006, this financial advisory firm provides a variety of services for the wealth management needs of Fortune 500 corporate executives, mid-level employees, and high-net-worth families. This firm specializes in retirement planning for employees of San Antonio’s most prominent corporations including AT&T, Valero, NuStar, USAA, Whataburger, HOLT Caterpillar, Biodynamic Research Corporation, and more. They continue to create and execute client-driven financial plans that empower their clients to make sound financial decisions aligned with their goals.

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Originally published on July 27, 2022

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