Cloud Desktops and Security for CPA Firms in San Antonio

The benefits of cloud computing for a CPA firm are many. This highly acclaimed San Antonio CPA firm knew that migrating to the cloud was the best decision financially and operationally, yet struggled with the idea of migrating during one of their busiest seasons; tax season. Luckily, they reached out to the right people to handle the cloud migration costing them zero downtime.

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Cloud Migration During Tax Season

This accounting firm needed to replace their aged servers but realized the cost to replace them would be exorbitant. Realizing the need for CPA cloud services, this CPA firm determined to transfer to the cloud as soon as possible. This would mean conducting a cloud transfer during tax refund season — their busiest season. Thankfully, by choosing a Centre partner to do the task, this company would be able to transfer during income tax season without experiencing downtime.

"We had several servers that were getting up there in age. Replacement costs were going to be roughly thirty thousand dollars."

CPA Firm in San Antonio, TX



Migrating to the Cloud at Night

Concerned about the interruptions they might experience, this company had reservations about conducting a cloud migration during tax season. When Centre's IT partners got involved, they came up with a digital transformation solution that would cause zero downtime while successfully conducting data migration for the CPA firm. After enacting this solution and conducting the migration at night, this company was fully operational by day light.

"It made things much easier on us and in that way, it wasn't taking or making us have any down time. We were fully operational during the day once they had done the migration."

CPA Firm in San Antonio, TX



Stronger, Better, Faster Infrastructure and No Downtime

Today, this accounting firm continues to utilize cloud computing services, storing the majority of its sensitive client data on the heavily secured cloud platform. With data security being of utmost importance to the accounting firm, they now cease to rely on on-premise servers that would have otherwise taken plenty of space and money to upkeep.

"We did a cost analysis on it and...from the cost analysis standpoint, it was much better for us to move to the cloud as opposed to having servers on site and constantly having to back those up."

CPA Firm in San Antonio, TX


About this Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Firm 
This leading CPA firm has been serving clients in the San Antonio, Texas and South Texas area since 1966. Through sound research and extensive analysis, this company continues to help clients and businesses of all sizes to maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. To this day, this CPA firm is viewed as a staple of the area's business community.

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Originally published on August 10, 2022

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