Cloud Computing Solution for Insurance Company in San Antonio

Having a reliable IT infrastructure is crucial for San Antonio insurance companies in order to operate efficiently on a daily basis and to attract and retain customers. This insurance company recognized that network maintenance, hardware updates, software implementation, and user support were not only causing business interruptions, but becoming a big financial burden. That's when they decided to reach out for help and migrate to the cloud and deploy virtual desktops.

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Overspending on Infrastructure 

This San Antonio Insurance firm spent over $25,000 in hardware, software, and IT solutions in a period of eight months. Knowing that the investment was only the begining of what they'd spend as the company continued to grow, they decided to take a more long-term approach to their IT solution by transferring to the cloud. 

"This is the wave of the future and ahead of the curve for insurance agencies, especially our size. We chose to go to the cloud so we can offer better solutions for our clients through web-based applications."

Insurance Firm in San Antonio, TX



Cut Costs Through Cloud Transfer

After Centre's IT partners thoroughly explained how the cloud infrastructure works, this insurance company decided to move forward with cloud desktops knowing that software would be uploaded and easily accessed from anywhere using cloud services.

"They explained that I would have very minimal hardware requirements. That it was actually done by uploading our needed software to the cloud platform, accessing it through a better internet connection, and installing a better firewall…

It was a no-brainer for us.”

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Using Desktop Services to Enable Better Business

Using cloud computing technology, this San Antonio insurance firm is now able to expand their data storage easily and securely. Additionally, they have opened the door for Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, including Microsoft 365 and Cloud Detection and Response (CDR). Through these benefits, this insurance firm continues to enhance productivity, efficiency, and security.

"Being able to access my information from...anywhere I am, anywhere in the world is a huge advantage."

Insurance Firm in San Antonio, TX


About this Insurance Firm in San Antonio, TX
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Cloud Desktop Services from Centre Technologies combines scale, security, and cost benefits for a secure remote desktop from virtually anywhere. This Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering allows organizations to run virtual applications and desktop services in the public cloud to deliver consistent resources and experience to employees.

Originally published on June 22, 2022

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