Less than Ideal Alternatives to Traditional Data Backup

Published on August 25, 2016

Data backup can be a tedious and snooze-inducing habit to get into. Things like stopping every few minutes to save your work, or keeping up with current versions of data every few days, is exhausting and more soul-sucking than a Dementor in Azkaban.

So, Just Don’t?

A way around this humdrum activity is to forgo data backup altogether. Sure, a disaster could wipe your drives, or a hard drive could crash unexpectedly in the middle of an important project, but what’s life without a little risk, huh? After all, it's only data, right?

By eschewing data backup, you free up resources and time you can spend focusing on business operations. When you don’t waste time and energy focusing on backing up files, you end up with one less thing in your business to worry about, increasing productivity and reducing stress. Just smile and enjoy remembering how productive you've been up to this point – as you're using the fire extinguisher on your smoking hard drive.

Nice Save

Forget USB’s, floppy disks are the way to go to store all of the data for your business! With a whopping 1.44 Mb maximum storage size, you can backup your entire company onto just a few hundred of these babies per storage cycle.

You can keep your swimming pool-sized business stored within hundreds of teaspoon-sized containers! You may have to rent a storage building or devote an entire office to your floppies to accommodate the boxes on boxes of these bad boys, but due to their square shape and thin design, they do stack nicely and neatly into rows. And stacking is fun!

An Ink-credible Method

If floppy disks are too mainstream for your business, you could always hire someone to physically write out a description of every file you have. While this could be much, much more time-consuming than even saving everything onto disks, having a tangible and recorded version of your files is a great way to log every piece of data.

The capital for this method will include thousands upon thousands of spiral notebooks, several cases of pens, and several doctor’s invoices for your scribe’s subsequent carpal tunnel syndrome treatments. Compared to the hundreds of floppy disks you’d need, this form of data backup is a steal!

Just Taco Bout It

One drawback from physically storing your files (digitally or handwritten) is the space required to house the disks or notebooks. For centuries, cultures relied on oral methods to preserve and pass on languages and histories. This same practice can be applied to your business, saving you physical storage space for data backup. You can also safeguard business secrets and practices by keeping them in oral form, preventing competitors from viewing a hard copy. Simply recite the contents of each and every business file to one another within the office on a continual basis, and pretty soon, you'll be a walking database!

Leave It to the Pros

Jokes aside, when it comes to backing up your company’s data, the best methods are those left to the professionals at Centre Technologies. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we no longer have to rely on impractical and cumbersome storage methods. Automatic backup and cloud storage can protect and better your business from the inside out. Let's talk about your needs. We promise we'll use very conventional and effective ways to back up your data.

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