How to Ninja-Proof Your Data

As more companies rely on computers and data to operate, cyberattacks become more common. Cyber ninjas can use many tactics to get their hands on sensitive data. Reliable cybersecurity is the key to ninja-proofing your data.


Government Agencies the Target of Cyber Attacks

In June 2023, millions of Americans had their data compromised when a mass cyberattack targeted state and federal government organizations. The hackers exploited a flaw in file-transfer software used by many of these organizations.

Some of the federal agencies targeted in this attack included the Department of Energy and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Government agencies are only one example of organizations that are responsible for sensitive information. These attacks can target any range of businesses, from e-commerce companies to financial institutions.

What Were the Cyber Ninjas Stealing?

The cyber ninjas in this attack were after personal information, including driver's licenses and state ID cards. This information can help the hackers steal citizen's identities and use them for opening bank accounts, making large purchases and much more.

These ID numbers can also be sold on the dark web for thousands of dollars, making them one of many notable targets for cyberattacks.

CyberAttack Tools

Breaches are possible because of these tools:

  • Malware: Malware, or malicious software, damages computers by stealing data, spreading viruses and causing harm in other ways.
  • Botnets: Short for robot networks, botnets are networks of infected computers under a single user's control.
  • Social engineering: This tactic involves manipulation, deceit or influence to trick a user into making security mistakes.



Protect Your Company From a Data Breach With Centre Technologies

While your business and many others may understand the importance of cybersecurity, it can still be challenging to balance these requirements with the many other aspects of running a business. At Centre Technologies, we manage your cybersecurity for you, so you can keep your data safe while growing your bottom line. Get in touch with us.

Originally published on August 16, 2023

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