Rapid Recovery After Preventable Cyber Attack

This local, mid-size business was hit with a ransomware attack that encrypted their servers and took down their phone systems. Since the business had not actively prioritized their security posture, they lacked the adequate cybersecurity solutions and services in place to respond quickly and efficiently. Immediate focus was getting critical IT systems up and running to resume operations and prevent excessive revenue loss.

had SOCaaS threat containment services been deployed for endpoints (EDR) and cloud (CDR)


Discovering Malicious Activity

While helping their business with a cloud migration, Centre Technologies discovered unusual activity on servers. Centre security experts confirmed that a ransomware attack was actively developing. Unfortunately, the organization had not invested in a proactive incident response plan nor preventative cybersecurity like 24x7 threat detection and response. The attack stalled productivity with significant downtime, as servers and phone systems were inaccessible. A rapid solution was needed to recover their systems and promote business continuity.



Resuming Operations

The customer partnered with Centre for rapid incident response to resume business as usual. Centre deployed Security Operations Center (SOCaaS) services, including detection and response for endpoints (EDR) and cloud (CDR), to automatically contain ongoing threats while Centre sanitized their IT environment and restored data.


About Centre Security Scanning Solutions
We provide proactive security scanning that blueprints a path for a stronger security posture. By rigorously tracking assets and workloads to identify blind spots, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities across your entire environment, and correcting misconfigurations that pose security risks, we position your business to be able to focus on the day-to-day flow, not on cyber threats. Learn more about our security services.

Originally published on July 12, 2021

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