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When you're faced with a change, sometimes it's more than you bargained for. Especially when it comes to IT. Things are constantly evolving, and if you're not careful, your wallet can begin to feel the effects of it. When  a customer was faced with the decision to either pay a new lofty subscription fee for a service they relied on, they turned to Centre Technologies to be the fix. With 24x7 commitment to success, there was no deadline that couldn't be met. Here's how we help an organization get the services they need at a cost they can afford. 


Increased Licensing Costs

When companies are acquired and merge with other organizations, customers may start to see alarming increases on their invoices. When those changes begin to negatively impact your ability to accomplish business goals, that's where we step in. Due to a third-party solution increasing their licensing costs, our customer began to panic. 

Primary challenges with the third-party solution provider acquisition:

  • Increased Costs Caused Budget and Data Access Concerns
    The new company overseeing this third-party solution increased subscription costs by $500k. This insurmountable fee not only frustrated the customer but left them feeling like their options either way were going to negatively impact their business goals. 
  • Time Constraints and Meeting Deadlines
    The customer had a deadline looming over them: they were faced with the critical decision of either committing to the increasingly costly third-party solution or finding an alternative. The clock was ticking, and the pressure was on as they weighed their options, knowing that their choice would have significant implications on their budget and overall business operations.


"This was a monumental task that would have been a long term project for one consultant and yet we were able to meet our deadline in 7 days."

Kevin DeVeer

Senior Technical Consultant at Centre Technologies 



Same Solution, New Services at a Lower the Cost 

In order to meet business goals and save the time and money the customer needed, a new service was required. After meeting with the customers' leadership, instead of integrating or installing a new environment, we decided the best option was a personalized solution, allowing the customer to remain with the infrastructure they were comfortable with instead of abandoning it for a whole new model (even if that meant a model that wasn't a Centre one). 

In order to make this a reality for the customer, the Centre Technologies team had to work harder than usual - but got the job done by the deadline. The following services were required for success:

  • Worked with the customer's internal team to find a new solution without the licensing fees. Swapped them for Centre services and new hardware that saved over $500k in licensing costs. 
  • 24x7 on-site support - working non stop for a week to complete this project by the deadline. 8am-midnight from 4/22-4/29. During the project, Centre's internal support team assisted by helping with any issues that came up on other projects 
  • Centre's Project Services team worked with the customer to personalize and design a new solution that fit their business needs. Additionally, Project Managers helped coordinate resources, schedule, remove roadblocks, set up the customers' access and made sure the team had everything they needed to be comfortable to accomplish their goals. This was accomplished through familiarity and prior relationships built with the customers' staff members. 
  • As an extension of the customers' IT department, Centre and the customer team collaboration contributed over 30 people to this task including Project Services, Project Management, IT Consulting and Delivery, and Sales. 


Despite an every-evolving project and with the constant collaboration with the customer's team, Centre delivered the project on time. The synergies between Centre's team and the customer were paramount to that success. 


"This was and is an ever-changing project. The team had to change their approach 4-5 different times to get this over the finish line.  Communication was key both with the delivery team and customer to ensure that there was alignment.  "

Joyce Johnson

Director of IT Consulting at Centre Technologies 



Personalized Solutions with 24x7 Local Support

When it comes to accomplishing the goals of our customers, we place it high on our priority list. We build relationships and commit to providing the enterprise experience, personalized service, and local touch we're known for. This example is no different. Without the 24x7, ready-to-help mindset, this customer was able to save valuable costs and we were able to maintain the relationship with them that we value. 

Whether there's a looing deadline or any challenge, we're prepared to help you meet your business needs.


"Everyone did an amazing job and it shows how much our teams care about our customers. They worked tirelessly and endlessly to meet the very short deadlines and we all stayed in constant communications with each other and with the customer's internal IT. "

Abraham Hernandez

IT Project Manager at Centre Technologies


Big or small, Centre Technologies is available around the clock to support you in whatever you need. Contact us today if you're ready to be completely protected for whatever comes your way. We're here for you 7 days a week. 

Originally published on June 18, 2024

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