5 Reasons to Outsource to MSSP Service Providers

Managed Security Service Providers (also known as MSSPs) play a large role in providing cybersecurity for businesses. In a study conducted by Kaspersky involving over 5,000 IT professionals, 70% stated they planned to outsource to MSSPs within the next 12 months. The rising popularity of the MSSP option is founded on a few core benefits that not only result in businesses saving money, but saving time, and increasing operational efficiency whilst supporting growth. If you're looking to outsource to an MSSP, here are 5 reasons why it could be the best decision you make for your business. 

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Reasons to Outsource to an mssp

There is a new cyber attack every 39 seconds. That equates to 2,200 cyber attacks per day. Cyber threats aren't decreasing in number because of the defense systems in place. They are persisting, finding new ways to push through defense systems. To ensure your business stays protected against intricate (and steadily increasing) cyber threats, you need to purchase and maintain a long list of applications to create a secured environment.

Not everyone has the budget to support in-house solutions, let alone the time to consider the complexities of an MSP solution. Here are the reasons why outsourcing to an MSSP stands as the most attractive solution.

difference between in-house IT security and outsourced cybersecurity services with an MSSP

Reduce time and costs 

Rather than highering a full-time staff of security specialists and paying a hefty sum to support them, MSSP providers allow you to use much of that sum for other areas of your business. On top of the savings, an MSSP exercises more availability, therefore able to analyze, identify, and prevent threats across the entire organization around the clock. With this benefit, you'll maintain a team of security specialists with experience in securing systems against ever-evolving cyberattacks 24 x 7.

Prevent threats 

One huge perk of using an MSSP is cybersecurity monitoring and management. From vulnerability management, virus blocking, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) management, to proactive threat hunting and intrusion detection, MSSPs have a lot to offer to ensure that your entire network is protected. With all of the services available to monitor your network, MSSPs can prevent threats from causing any operational interruptions. That means a faster fix and more up-time for your business if something does occur.

Protect your data 

Along with a reputation for being cost-effective and preventing threats, MSSPs are known for being very efficient and cost-conscious concerning data protection. Rather than engaging in a complex process that costs you more money, MSSPs are great at simplifying and saving money on software and equipment needed to ensure data protection. In addition, by utilizing the cloud services offered by MSSPs, you can ensure that in the event of a ransomware or malware attack- your data is still accessible.

Utilize customer support  

MSSPs have more of a heightened focus and specialized skill for upkeeping cybersecurity than an MSP or even an in-house team would. MSSPs can provide both virtual and on-site support that is available when you need it. Their goal is to annihilate network intrusions so you can keep the focus on your business, maintaining efficiency and productivity. In short, never underestimate the power of good customer support, especially when it's coming from an MSSP.

Maintain compliance

With access to the leading technology they have, MSSPs help businesses maintain compliance in their respective industries. As new threats continue to emerge and industries change their cyber standards to keep a safe distance from said threats, compliance is a growing requirement for businesses of all sizes. Rather than going through the process of hiring new personnel or buying costly new equipment, many businesses prefer using an MSSP to ensure their system meets these standards and maintains compliance.


WHat to look for in an MssP

If you've resolved that outsourcing to an MSSP will be the best option for your business, the next step would be finding the right one to work with. Looking for an MSSP to work with your specific business can be an intimidating feat, especially if you don't know how to spot a good one. Here are a few things to look for when searching for the perfect MSSP for your business.

Serves as an Extension of Your Team

The right MSSP is going to serve as an extension of your team. Rather than just hiring an additional employee or two, you're hiring an entire team that provides a range of services, technology, and connections suited for your business today and for your business as it continues to grow. Since you are extending your team, you want to be sure that your extended team is on board, and the same page as you when it comes to your business goals.

Offers a Flexible Onboarding Process 

An MSSP should be able to meet you where you're at, starting with onboarding and onward. Your current technology shouldn't be a problem. The goal of a good MSSP is to get into your environment as is, improving the technology and network system as your business continues to grow.

Has Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response (EDR)

Does this MSSP offer EDR? The benefit of EDR is that it provides advanced threat protection and response to incidents on the endpoint. With EDR, you can detect how an infiltration started and how it spread. This is an essential piece of information when it comes to remediating and responding to threats with speed.

Delivers 24x7 Managed Security Services 

Cyber threats don't sleep, so neither should your support. An MSSP provider worth working with values providing 24x7 managed security services. This is not only good for cybersecurity, but for tracking and responding to threats that can arise and impact your environment. If support is 24x7, damage control is much more successful.

Offers Customizable Solutions 

Can your MSSP work with you and your budget or will they lock you into contracts that force you to make promises you might regret making later? Having an MSSP that works with you to find solutions best suited for your business individually eliminates the pressure on your end and provides better support for your business as a whole.


make your mssp provider search easier

MSSPs give you the ability to adapt not just an expert or two but a suite of experts on every aspect of your organization's network. If you're looking for an MSSP provider that contains technical expertise, flexibility, and maintains transparency, look no further than Centre Technologies. We are an MSP, MSSP, and CSP wrapped up in one, providing 24x7 managed security services, around-the-clock IT consultants, and customizable solutions. If you have any questions about how we could work with your business, contact us today!


Originally published on June 10, 2022

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