4 Questions to Ask if You Think You Need a Cloud-Based ERP Solution

Growth is inevitable the more profitable you become. Perhaps when you're smaller, on-premise ERP infrastructures are sustainable, but the day will come when you ask yourself: do I need something better? The answer to that question is probably a yes. If you're thinking about making a change, we suggest a cloud-based ERP as the solution. Wondering why? If you continue to answer yes to the following questions, you need a cloud-based ERP. (Spoiler alert: one of the best advantages is no up front costs to move. Scroll to learn more)

Are you using multiple spreadsheets and applications for your financial processes?

Are you struggling to keep track of your financial data? It's common for growing businesses to rely on fragmented spreadsheets and applications, leading to duplicated efforts and manual data entry. Embrace the efficiency of a cloud-based ERP solution, like Microsoft Business Central, to streamline your financial processes.

Do you enter the same data into multiple systems? 

Cloud-based platforms offer seamless integration, allowing one unified system to handle the entire process from order entry to successful delivery confirmation, customer invoicing, and payment tracking. By consolidating your data in one place, you reduce the risk of errors that often come with manual data entry and fragmented systems. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches through multiple spreadsheets and embrace the efficiency and accuracy of a cloud-based ERP solution for your business.

How do you ensure proper audit trails are produced in your accounting system? 

Any modifications to the system data, such as adding figures, deleting funds, or moving accounts, are promptly logged and tracked by the ERP system. This ensures complete transparency and traceability, allowing for easy identification of any discrepancies or audit trails that may arise. While many traditional ERP systems offer some level of visibility, cloud ERP solutions are able to provide a more granular audit trail.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place in case your software or data is compromised?

With all your critical data stored across various spreadsheets and systems, the thought of financial data and files being corrupted or lost can be daunting. However, by utilizing a cloud-based ERP solution like Microsoft Business Central, your financial data and files are backed up multiple times daily, drastically minimizing the risk of data loss. In the event of a security breach or ransomware attempt, data restoration can be achieved quickly, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted.

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Is your outdated financial process wasting your money? 

On-premise systems have more hidden costs than you might initially consider. Think about it, when you have to employ twice as many people to do duplicate the work in fragmented systems, you're immediately spending money that could be eradicated by migrating to the cloud. Then there's the cost of errors, the cost of penalties, the cost of data loss or a data breach, plus the cost of all the various components of siloed hardware, software, and user licensing for them. The billing just ads up. This could all be solved by migrating to an all-in-one cloud ERP solution like Business Central that will not only connect all your data sources and tools, but also empowers accounting staff with insights for ways to save money and forecast business growth. Oh, and by the way? There are no up front costs for migrating. You pay one monthly price. 


Are you ready to move to the cloud yet? 

At Centre Technologies, we take pride in removing IT headaches by delivering modern services to small business. We work to build a value-add relationship with our customers, handling everything from employee Helpdesk support, to break-fix and troubleshooting and IT security management. Businesses like yours that transition to a cloud-based ERP solution with us are able to save time and money, and focus on bigger business objectives.

Centre Technologies is a local IT services company that's committed to growing with your business, every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how our cloud ERP solution like Microsoft Business Central can work for you. 

Originally published on April 4, 2024

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