Take Steps to Determine the Right BYOD Solution For You

If your business is ready to begin a bring-your-own-device policy, begin by answering these basic questions:
  • How much access to company files and applications do you want your employees to have on their device?
  • Should employees be able to download files onto their devices?
  • What types of devices are permitted?
  • How much technical support will you be offering to your BYOD users?
  • What tasks will your employees need to do on their devices?
  • How will you enforce security and compliance for the BYOD policy?
  • How will your business protect itself if the device gets stolen or lost?

The most basic principle of a good BYOD policy is security and central management of your business’s assets. Cloud-based technology offers the best in both. With an active-directory approach, the employer or CIO uses software to manage employee access to the company network through their devices. Contrarily, an application-based approach to MDM management brings to mind the "there's an app for that" mentality. It is important to review the pros and cons of both methods prior to deciding which BYOD solution is right for your business.

Active-Directory BYOD Solutions

In an active-directory solution, access is granted to employee devices based on permission-based security. Centralized management software allows the employer to assign permissions to each user name, defining which files and applications the employee can access, read, and download. Each user has unique credentials within the active directory, allowing the business to monitor activity on the network.

Application-Based BYOD Solutions

In an application-based BYOD solution, the user downloads a secure application onto their device which allows them to access company applications remotely. The application secures and monitors the user’s activity.

The major con of this solution is that the applications require some end-user technical training. Like any new software, your company may experience a small transitional period while your employees learn to regularly use secure mobile applications correctly.

Which BYOD Solution is right for you?

BYOD is the next big move in facilitating employee productivity and satisfaction. Find out the best way to leverage it today by contacting a certified consultant at Centre Technologies.

Originally published on July 29, 2014

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