5 Reasons Why Cloud-Based Dynamics GP is Right for Your Small Business

Your information is important. So when Dynamics GP got an upgrade to a cloud-hosted infrastructure, your information became even more important, especially if you're not ready to migrate to Microsoft Business Central. With its simplified subscription-based model, Dynamics GP's financial accounting software will increase productivity all while saving you money.

But is Dynamics GP in the cloud the right fit for your company? Before making a decision, it's important to evaluate your business needs, including size, financial processes, and budget. Evaluate how cloud-based Dynamics GP can streamline operations, drive growth, and provide benefits like easy access, cost savings, scalability, and integrations. Determine if hosting Dynamics GP in the cloud is the right choice for your financial management needs.

Here are several key facts to consider about cloud-based Dynamics GP as you research options for accounting software.


The Facts about Hosting Dynamics GP in the Cloud

  1. Dynamics GP in the cloud is no different from the on-premises version. 
    The primary distinction lies in the method of access and payment. Some vendors offer seamless access through a mobile device portal, where the application launches effortlessly. It's essential to note that the application itself remains consistent with the on-premises Dynamics GP version.

  2. Subscription costs are less.
    Hosting Dynamics GP in the cloud proves to be more cost-effective as it eliminates the need for additional support costs associated with on-premises solutions. Moreover, on-premises upgrades often demand new hardware investments, which can be financially burdensome.

  3. Hosting in the cloud allows for flexibility with the number of users. 
    The cloud solution offers greater flexibility, allowing companies to easily adjust the number of users as needed. Unlike on-premises solutions that only allow for adding users, the cloud allows companies to streamline their user count. For example, a company with 15 users and licenses may realize they only require seven licenses, a scenario easily achievable with the cloud solution. This adaptability not only simplifies user management but also leads to cost savings for the business.

  4. Upgrades are easier.
    Microsoft customers have noted the swift rollout of updates for their cloud solutions compared to on-premises options. This is indeed the case. Cloud ERP software is designed for seamless automatic upgrades. On the other hand, with on-premises solutions, not only are you purchasing the software rights, but you also bear the additional costs and time-consuming efforts of setting up and executing upgrades like hardware updates, database modifications, and Windows Server software enhancements.

  5. Integrations are instantaneous.
    Utilizing Dynamics GP in the cloud offers seamless integrations with other applications, eliminating the need for costly custom development work. This integrated approach is more cost-effective than traditional on-premises setups. Transitioning between ERP and CRM integration is effortlessly achieved, saving businesses time and money in the long run. The monthly fee is minimal compared to outsourcing integration development costs.

Establishing your company's financial accounting foundation on Dynamics GP is a strategic move. With the versatility in user management, seamless upgrades, integrated functionalities, and included IT support, opting for a cloud ERP provider to leverage the software is an even more advantageous choice.

Whether Dynamics GP on premise is right for you, you're looking to move to Microsoft Business Central completely, or you're itching to move to the cloud, we can help you make the right choice. Contact us today to get your questions answered today. 

Originally published on March 11, 2024

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