Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Hosted Services in Dallas?

Posted by Belinda Rupp on September 7, 2017

The better question, perhaps, is why DON’T need you have cloud hosted services in Dallas? According to Inc., by 2020, 80% of businesses will be doing business in a private or secured public cloud for:

  • Storage
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Mobile device management
  • Virtual desktops and applications

You do not want your business to fall behind, but you may not truly understand the benefits of cloud hosted services in Dallas. With Dallas/Fort Worth’s reputation for frequent tornadoes, severe storms, grass fires, residual hurricanes from the Gulf, and flooding, you should consider the consequences of moving into a mostly digital future without some form of hosted services.

Types of Cloud Hosted Services

Public Cloud

These are the clouds that you see advertised by major distributors like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Public Clouds range in price from free to a mid-range monthly fee. This is an economical way to go if you’re spinning up & tearing down development servers on a regular basis. Because the public cloud is by definition a multi-tenant environment, your server shares the same hardware, storage and network devices as the other tenants in the cloud. Meeting compliance requirements, such as PCI or SOX, is not possible in the public cloud. Although the public cloud may fit the needs of many everyday consumers, they do not offer the security and accessibility that businesses need to keep their competitive edge and secure their assets.

Private Cloud

Private cloud can be broken down into two categories: self-hosted private clouds or partner-hosted private clouds. Self-hosted private clouds have their servers onsite at the business and are maintained, serviced, and updated by their owner. Partner-hosted private clouds are created with a third-party, like your IT solutions provider. Instead of maintaining your own cloud servers, your cloud hosted services provider will design and customize your hardware, data storage and network to meet your needs. Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and HIPAA compliance is possible in the Private Cloud and compliance is much easier to achieve. The Private cloud offers your business the ability to enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level cloud hosted services in Dallas without having to maintain it yourself, for a monthly “rental” fee.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds are a combination of both public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated servers working together in a holistic infrastructure environment. The infrastructure pools resources from all three hybrid cloud components, and it optimizes the way the organization uses its technical resources. Faced with diverse workload requirements, more and more organizations are embracing hybrid cloud solutions in order to meet the demands of the business.

What is the Benefit of Cloud Hosted Services?

As years pass, the capabilities of cloud hosted services have grown. The innovative new technologies to support data, applications, and storage in the cloud have only improved the cloud’s security, efficiency, and accessibility. Take a look at all of the things your business can do with cloud hosted services in Dallas:

  • Highly accessible offsite storage for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Virtual desktops for anywhere, anytime access to your work space.
  • Provide a platform for a mobile device management strategy.
  • Cloud video conferencing and seamless communications.
  • De-duplicated data and application backup and storage.
  • Pooling of resources like network, data center, communications, and work spaces.

In short, cloud hosted services provides a manageable and scalable solution for many IT problems that used to be dealt with separately. Enterprise-level cloud is more than just a way to back up data, it opens doors to optimize the way you already do business.

Learn About Cloud Hosted Services in Dallas.

We offer three hosted services packages along with Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) and Backup-As-A-Service (BaaS) solutions to keep your business running smoothly and securely within the safety of the cloud. We proudly serve businesses like yours throughout the Dallas metroplex, and our cloud hosted services in Dallas are designed to provide you with value that extends far into the virtual future.

Learn about cloud hosted services in Dallas first hand come take a Data Center Tour at the Cyrus One Data Center in Carrolton, Texas.  Reach out if you want to continue the conversation or schedule a tour.

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