4 Benefits of Customized IT for Your SMB

The pace of change in IT is lightning fast, with new technologies coming down the wire every single day. Combined with the vast majority of IT services today running in the cloud, businesses are required to change at the speed of their IT implementation. With this rapid acceleration of technology advancement, much of the work we do is project-based, creating customized solutions that can help you to achieve your specific business goals. Running on fumes? Consider customized project services. 

For businesses the benefits of this tailored approach make IT project services worthwhile, but the complexity can slow you down and create uncertainty if not properly managed. That’s where your MSP comes in, with customized project services handled by highly skilled specialists with industry-leading expertise and the latest tech experience (vet your MSP's quality using this checklist).

Our philosophy has always been to share and apply our knowledge to make your business better. We’ll work closely with you on each of your IT projects, taking the time to properly understand your unique goals and challenges, before coming up with customized project services that can deliver the solutions that will make the difference for your company. Here are a few of the key advantages of customized IT project services can bring to your daily operations.

4 Reasons to Customized Your IT Project Services 

Faster Deployment that Provide a Competitive Advantage

With customized IT project services and IT Staff Augmentation you’ll be able to deploy new technologies faster than ever. When new technology emerges that offers an opportunity to better streamline your workflow processes, or vastly improve collaboration and communication, we’ll work with you to ensure those benefits are deployed in the fastest possible time frame. You won’t have to worry about spending weeks or even months researching, planning and preparing before implementation – we know what it takes, we know how to make it happen and we simply get it done, allowing you to start taking advantage of the latest technologies almost as soon as they are available.

Basically, get your systems running fast and outperform your competition. That simple. 

Improved Training  that Increase Productivity

Technology is not just about what you have but about how you use it. Our project services incorporate training programs to educate your staff to maximize their ability to use the latest tools of the trade. Within just a few hours, every member of your team will become an expert in using your IT to boost their productivity. Without getting lost in all the nuts and bolts of the underlying technology, or even how it works, we make sure they will know how it can help them perform their jobs more effectively. Not only this, but educating your staff significantly minimizes the risk of a breach happening (employee errors produce 88% of breaches in the US). 

Basically, more experience for your staff means you're better equipped to succeed. That simple. 

Keep Up with Changes in the IT Industry and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today's modern economy is more hectic and fast-paced than ever, due to the rapid advancements in technology and society. This change in society was brought about by the rise of modern technology like the internet and smartphones, shaping our daily lives in ways we never could have seen coming. You can hardly go a single day without using some form of technology - and every day things are getting smarter (Artificial Intelligence, anyone?). Struggling to keep up is one of the top pain points most SMBs face. 

The IT support industry has always worked in this field. IT technology is always changing, and a major change in the industry was the introduction of "cloud computing" back in 2016 (nearly 10 years ago!). Cloud computing (off-premise infrastructure) added redundancy, security and savings alongside huge benefits exclusive to the cloud, such as being able to access data at any place and any time. The cloud changed everything for the IT landscape and, likely, business as a whole.

Maybe you struggled to adapt to the cloud (or maybe you still are, no shame). Maybe the newsness of the ideas that your data could be off premise became foreign to you, unfathomable to protect. But look at us now, in 2023 more than 60% of small and medium sized businesses utilized the cloud to store their precious data. And now we have AI on the horizon, continuing to take businesses by storm. 

The real question is, are you going to follow the signs?

Many businesses haven't changed their IT support in Texas or Oklahoma — and a lot of these businesses get big, or old, or big and old, and they decide that they can run their businesses the way they always have, and they don't need to worry about changing. Meanwhile, younger, smarter businesses are staying on the cutting edge with the rest of the world and reaping all the benefits that are available to them.

Basically, continue to improve your IT posture and you'll find yourself prepared for what happens next in the IT world. That simple. 

New Opportunities that Revolutionize Your Business Growth 

Perhaps the most important benefit of our customized IT project services is that small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from technologies that may normally be out of reach. The significant upfront investment for full-featured IT operations is often unrealistic and impractical for your growing team because hardware and software rapidly become outdated. At Centre Technologies, we take over that worry by hosting all of our project services on third-party servers in the cloud, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of the newest technologies for a predictable, affordable monthly fee.

Basically, grow your business by customizing your IT. That simple. 

Invest in Customized IT Today 

Quality can meet innovative, and it doesn't have to breath the bank either. If you're wondering how to customize your IT strategy, contact us to not only assess your infrastructure but help you understand the best use of your time, money, and efforts in IT. We can be your IT teams or and extension of the one you have. Either way, you're going to be the best you can be. 

Originally published on January 16, 2024

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