C-Stack Series: What is Client Security?

C-Stack Series: What is Client Security?

With threats coming in at every angle of information technology, it’s important that security covers every aspect of business with multiple layers of observation to fight off cyberthreats and to prevent IT glitches.

Client security is the safety net that protects business desktops, server operating systems, and outside devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and other mobile devices. Each device that is connected to the network creates an opening for cyberthreats to enter and attack business infrastructure. To protect data and to make sure that business continues to run smoothly, intricate security measures must be in place to prevent breaches from happening.

Client security monitors your infrastructure in three main functions:

  • Protection
  • Control
  • Reporting

To operate efficiently, businesses need strong security solutions that are simple to install and unique to the specific security needs of the organization –all while being easy for employees to use.  

Types of Client Security

There are many parts of infrastructure that need an enhanced line of protection. With client security, your IT environment is protected by applying:

  • Authentication – the use of login credentials with strong passwords
  • Spyware Software – protecting against fast-spreading viruses
  • Secure Protocols – ensuring that devices only connect with those in the network
  • Firewall – by updating your infrastructure’s first line of defense

What Makes Client Security Different with C-Stack?

Client security with C-Stack helps you to customize a security plan that is manageable and cost-effective –combining your top security concerns with a simplified user experience to ensure that your business is staying protected and productive. Our scalable solutions for managing and deploying tools across your organization offer:

  • Faster and more resilient infrastructure
  • A highly secure, encrypted network
  • Up-to-date servers
  • Enterprise-level virtualization

Explore Infinite Possibilities with C-Stack

Centre’s C-Stack offers best-of-breed technology designed to meet the technical, business needs of your organization with powerful security and ease of access. Do you need help enhancing your IT environment? Optimize your data with solutions provided by Center Technologies. Contact us today for more information.


Originally published on September 11, 2015

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