What is Client Security?

UPDATED July 31, 2023

Since you're a devoted blog subscriber, it's no secret that threats to your business are on the rise. It's coming from every angle at every industry (if you're not convinced check out these 5 statistics that are changing the way SMBs are approaching security). With the steady rise, it’s important that your business's security covers every aspect of business with multiple layers to fight off cyberthreats and to prevent any glitches. But first, let's break it down.

Your business has two sides: the screen you see and the screen your customers/clients see. Client security is the safety net in place on each "end-user" (think your local MSP as the starting place and your individual piece of hardware as the ending point) that protects business desktops, server operating systems, and outside devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and other mobile devices (yes, even and especially BYOD businesses!). 

Unfortunately, each and every device connected to your organization's network creates an opening for cyber criminals and threats to enter and attack your delicate infrastructure. To protect that data and make sure your business continues to run smoothly, intricate security measures must be in place to prevent breaches from happening. To operate efficiently, businesses need strong security solutions that are simple to install and unique to the specific security needs of the organization –all while being easy for employees to use.  

Types of Client Security

To lessen your risk for breaches or attacks, your security must simultaneously protect both your server and create a secure client portal for the customer side of your business. This includes everything that the they see, such as text, images, and the rest of the user infrastructure, along with anything a customer interacts with, such as what the website or web application does within the user’s browser. It’s estimated that 98% of the U.S. Alexa 1000 websites do not have the proper protections that can repel a client-side attack. This is a staggering amount of customer-facing networks that are completely unprotected. Are you one of them? 

Client security monitors your infrastructure in three main functions:

  1. Protection
  2. Control
  3. Reporting

Of course, with some aspects of layered security, there are several parts of infrastructure that need an enhanced line of protection. Consider these aspects when creating secure client access for every end-user: 

  • Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    Use of login credentials with strong passwords. However, we will always reiterate that using a "passphrase" over a password will always e more secure. Additionally, enabling a two-step MFA process to your system will not only increase your business network security by also enforce your clients to participate in security measures. 
  • Spyware Software
    Viruses can be in anything: emails, links, contact information, URLs, etc. Anything that is coded can contain little bugs just itching to infect your devices. Employing effective and round-the-clock monitoring spyware will decrease your chances of infection. The best spyware will also immediately report suspicious activity. 
  • Network Security Protocols
    It is paramount that you can ensure all devices only connect with those in the network. This includes sensitive logins for your customer side. Additionally, consider the amount of file sharing you do across your company and with your customers. Creating secure file sharing with clients can decrease your chances of threats on both sides of the business. 
  • Firewall
    Your firewall is your first line of defense. Maintaining updates to this portion of your business security is not only a recommendation of ours, but a requirement. Your business and the services you provide to your customers will only be as safe as the firewall your employ. 


How to Create Secure Client Access

Officials in the FBI released last week that "a series of cyber attacks across Texas are part of a growing statewide and national trend of increasingly sophisticated groups working through computers to steal money and information.” Our goal is to never let you or your business be the statistic.

Client security helps you to customize a security plan that is manageable and cost-effective – combining your top security concerns with a simplified user experience. This ensures that your business is staying protected and productive on both ends of the spectrum. Centre's scalable solutions for managing and deploying tools across your organization offer:

  • Faster and more resilient infrastructure
  • A highly secure, encrypted network
  • Up-to-date servers
  • Enterprise-level virtualization

Centre’s security solutions offer the best technology designed to meet the technical and business needs of your organization with powerful security and ease of access. Optimize your client security to it's fullest potential -- Contact us today for more information.

Originally published on September 11, 2015

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