Implementing Data Backup and Recovery in the Middle of a Disaster

This commercial real estate company consists of a team of real estate agents that help individual and institutional investors find space to open retail shops. They reached out to Centre when time was of the essence in enacting a solution that could save critical company data. 


Fire Suppression System Error in Server Room 

This commercial real estate company contained a traditional IT system with an on-site server room. One day, the sprinkler system in their server room malfunctioned and flooded all of the equipment. The firewall was the only peice of equipment that didn't get damaged as it was on the opposite side of the room. Loads of data were being compromised by the minute as the equipment continued to endure water damage.



Fast Data Recovery 

When Centre got involved, the data was recovered as quickly as possible. The Centre team came in, took the drives out of their backup units, put them in the backup system, and began to restore their systems to the Centre Cloud. Once the Centre team started restoring, systems returned to normal that same evening. After all of the work put in by Centre to retrieve and restore these systems, the company was up and running the next day.

All of their critical business applications were up and running within 18 hours of the event and the full restoration in the Centre hosted environment was achieved within approximately 30 hours.



Enjoying Cloud-Based Business Continuity

The client was able to procure all of the replacement hardware through Centre Technologies and even leveraged Centre resources to configure and install new hardware. Today, this commercial retail company continues to host their critical business applications in the Centre hosted environment. 

Upgrading backup and disaster recovery is critical to business continuity. Many don't correlate how well business data is protected to the rate of business growth, but one does influence the other. 

If you need a secure by default backup and disaster recovery strategy to strengthen data protection, prevent revenue depletion, and productivity loss in the event of a physical disaster such as this one - contact an IT consultant here at Centre Technologies to get more information on how you can fortify your data. 

Originally published on January 11, 2022

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