Common Misconceptions of Remote IT Support

For many businesses, outsourced IT support provides a secure, cost-effective, and helpful way to manage their IT needs. Sometimes, though, misconceptions about remote IT support prevent businesses from obtaining the technology help they need. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about outsourced IT support. Read on to learn more about how this support can help, not hinder your business. Do not forget to reach out to a managed IT services provider like Centre Technologies with any questions you might have about how these services can assist your business with its unique IT needs.

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Outsourcing IT support is expensive

Saving money is, rightfully, a priority for most businesses. Spending less on essential services can improve profit margins or even make it possible to enjoy a profit at all at the end of the year. To that end, some businesses put off hiring IT support because they fear that it will cost more than doing the work in-house.

The reality is that businesses can enjoy fewer technology costs by outsourcing their support. They save in a number of areas, not least of which is the expense of hiring and setting up an internal IT department.

In addition, outsourced technology solutions typically come with a set monthly fee per user. This fee covers all of the IT services businesses require for significantly less than what the company would spend to provide those services internally.

Sometimes, outsourcing remote IT support can also save businesses money because these services provide maintenance and upgrades that extend the life of a company’s IT infrastructure or offer solutions that improve efficiencies within the company. Therefore, outsourcing IT support can actually be a smart, cost-effective solution for budget-conscious companies.


Outsourcing IT support excludes an internal IT team

Businesses that already enjoy the services of an internal IT team may baulk at the idea of also hiring outside support. Having both may seem like an unnecessary expense. The reality is that, often, external technology support can help to support an internal team.

For example, the internal team can oversee day-to-day maintenance and ticketing support, while the outside team can support the internal team with a layered security stack, tools, standardized processes, high-level IT issues, and Virtual CIO (vCIO) services which include budgeting, strategy and growth.

With managed IT service providers, businesses can create support packages that meet their specific needs. Internal and external IT teams can work together to create comprehensive IT solutions.


Remote IT support presents a security risk

One of the biggest concerns for businesses dealing with any sort of sensitive information (like customer payment information) is keeping that data secure. Often, businesses believe that the best way to guarantee that security is to keep all IT services in-house, where the data is only accessible to the company’s employees.

However, the reality is that external IT support can provide the same, or better, security than an in-house team could. Even specialized industries, like healthcare, can benefit from outsourced IT support. The right providers can offer security measures to keep even the most sensitive data secure.

For example, managed service providers can earn certifications, like the SO 27001, that guarantee their ability to remain in compliance with the regulations present in specialized industries and that guarantee their ability to maintain data security. Some MSPs offer specialized cybersecurity services or other security measures to keep even the most sensitive data safe.

Centre Technologies offers features like layered security, including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) automatic threat containment with NextGen Antivirus, cybersecurity experts trained in HIPAA and HITECH security standards, and a 24/7 proactive approach to build and maintain the most secure IT infrastructure necessary for your business.


Outsourcing IT support slows response timeS

An internal IT team has the advantage of rapid response. At least, that is what it can seem like. Why would it not be faster to send a request down the hall to your IT department than to pick up the phone to talk to a managed service provider in another city or even state?

The reality, however, is that remote IT support can provide a rapid response that can rival or exceed that of an internal IT team. After all, by outsourcing your IT support you gain 24/7 access to a team of IT professionals who are ready to solve your problems whenever they arise.

Small businesses with IT Managed Services from Centre Technologies experience a proactive approach to IT support. This means that we implement processes and procedures that catch problems before they interfere with the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. That can prevent costly downtime from ever occurring.

In the event that a problem does arise, we can remotely offer support at a moment’s notice, and even create out-of-the-box solutions that cut down on response time for any issues you have. With the right outsourced IT support, you never have to feel as if your technical support is far away.

Remote IT support can be a smart solution for small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to build and maintain their IT infrastructure, and large businesses looking for additional support for their growing technological needs. It can be cost-effective, it can exist alongside your internal IT team, it can provide any level of security you require, and it can deliver rapid response times when issues arise.

Contact Centre Technologies to learn more about how outsourced IT support can provide you with the reliable, secure, and high-quality support your company needs.

Originally published on December 20, 2019

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