Debunking 5 Business Central Myths

At some point, every business needs to evaluate if the business system that got them where they are today, is going to continue getting them where they want to go into the future. Your business may be outgrowing your current Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) solution and you’re considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). Are you apprehensive about BC because of all the conflicting opinions you’re coming across?

There are a lot of rumors about Microsoft Business Central out there. Too advanced, not advanced enough, cost per license, etc. It's time to learn the truth. We've gathered and debunked common misconceptions about Business Central, providing clarity and insight to help you make informed decisions and navigate your next steps with confidence.

Common Myths about Microsoft Business Central

MYTH #1: Business Central doesn’t have the functionality needed to run my business compared to GP.

While you may be content with your current Dynamics GP setup, it's worth noting that many companies using GP are transitioning or have already moved to Business Central. This shift signifies the continuous expansion of BC's capabilities, driven by Microsoft's ongoing efforts to enhance the platform based on user feedback and demands for increased functionality.

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MYTH #2: My business isn’t secure in the cloud.

Dynamics GP was designed more than two decades ago as an on-premise accounting system, primarily catering to businesses operating within physical office spaces. The concept of accessing sensitive information remotely was not a consideration at the time. In contrast, Microsoft's modern cloud-based accounting and ERP platform, Business Central, is equipped with built-in Cloud Security features to safeguard all cloud-based services, applications, programs, and technologies while providing robust threat management capabilities.

Microsoft Business Central seamlessly integrates with productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365, MS Teams, and Power BI reporting, offering native connectivity and integration. Its architecture ensures smooth operation on any device from any location, eliminating barriers to access. With a security-first approach, Business Central mitigates the risks of malware or ransomware threats that are increasingly targeting small to mid-sized businesses. In today's knowledge-driven work environment, employees require real-time insights to make informed, data-driven decisions, a demand that cloud architecture fully supports.

MYTH #3: Business Central is harder and more expensive to maintain.

Similar to Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Business Central requires regular and major updates. The difference is, with Business Central, Microsoft automatically pushes out regular bug fixes and updates, included in your monthly licensing fee. Most updates take place overnight, with major updates happening twice a year. For more significant changes, Business Central provides a sandbox environment so you can safely test, train, or troubleshoot without disturbing your company’s work processes or business data.

MYTH #4: Business Central is only for large businesses.

This is less true for BC than it was for GP. The cloud subscription makes BC even more affordable for smaller businesses, without the cost of multiple servers, infrastructure maintenance, and implementations. And BC has a lot of features that can be customized to meet your business needs.

MYTH #5: Business Central is a simple upgrade from Dynamics GP.

Migrating from one ERP system to another is no walk in the park, as you may already know. Even though you're switching from one Microsoft product to another, the move involves navigating between two distinct platforms. Consequently, transferring your data with a simple click might not be feasible, but partnering with the right team can certainly streamline the process seamlessly.

Partner with Microsoft and ERP Experts

Given the complexity and depth of the BC ecosystem, it's essential to select a partner with expertise in transitioning from GP to BC, successful BC implementations, ongoing support, and transparent pricing structures.

Centre’s one-price approach means there are no upfront fees, and not only does it include the hardware, but we are also responsible for the backups, data management security, emergency services, product upgrades. We offer Microsoft ERP solutions so that our customers can grow with us using the best of breed software on the market.

With over 30 years experience as a Microsoft partner and 20 years as cloud deployment experts, Centre Technologies is committed to growing with you by uncovering the solutions best suited to your needs. We support Business Central with a problem-solving attitude that has made us the partner of choice for growing businesses across the country. Contact us to learn more about how you can move to Business Central today! 

Originally published on April 17, 2024

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