4 Ways Cloud ERP Systems Will Empower Your Employees

Everyone loves an empowered workforce. Productivity rises and a general level of drive seems to push your team in ways you never thought possible. But if we're being honest, that miracle moment is often hard to find. Empowering your team involves simplifying their tasks and enhancing efficiency, neither of which are always easy tasks. It entails equipping them with tools that enable smarter decision-making and drive company growth. Luckily, we've got the one you need. 

While there are countless strategies to empower your team, utilizing a cloud ERP system like Microsoft Business Central for financial management may not be the first choice that comes to mind. Providing your team with the ability to work remotely, increase productivity, and access crucial information for informed decision-making is undeniably empowering.


  1. Faster access to information.
    With a wealth of reports, business intelligence tools, and interactive dashboards at their fingertips, every team member gains the capability to make informed decisions. This not only allows for data capture and measurement from a managerial standpoint, enabling leaders to strategize for the future, but also grants real-time progress monitoring. Such visibility is truly empowering and fosters a sense of accountability among employees.

  2. Improved accountability and efficiency. 
    Transitioning to a comprehensive cloud-based system not only enhances efficiency but also leads to cost savings for companies. By upgrading from traditional spreadsheets and QuickBooks to a sophisticated and all-inclusive ERP like Microsoft Business Central, businesses reduce the need for manual data entry and redundant record-keeping. This shift towards a unified source of truth empowers sales and marketing teams to operate more efficiently, thanks to the incorporation of predefined business processes that streamline their workflows. With increased visibility and the ability to make real-time adjustments, employees at every level of the organization become more accountable for their actions, armed with valuable insights to drive success.

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  3. Better performance monitoring.
    Monitoring performance is essential for company success. By adopting a cloud ERP system, employees are empowered to conduct regular assessments to evaluate their progress on key metrics. This valuable insight allows employees to make necessary adjustments to ensure they are meeting expectations. Without this data at their fingertips, employees may struggle to identify areas for improvement. By leveraging reporting and performance measures, employees can pinpoint and address areas that need attention, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and success.

  4. Supports remote and hybrid workforce. 
    Having the ability to access information is crucial whether you're at your office desk, working remotely, or on the go. The convenience of accessing your system or specific functions on a mobile device is revolutionizing how small businesses collaborate across departments and among team members. With the rising trend of remote work, small businesses are increasingly embracing the use of remote workers. For Generation Y employees, the option to work remotely can be a deciding factor in choosing an employer. Embracing this software feature not only benefits employees but also boosts productivity and overall happiness in the workplace.


migrate to Microsoft Dynamics today

Equipped with a cloud-based ERP solution such as Microsoft Business Central, your team will have access to advanced reporting tools, business intelligence, and real-time data to confidently address critical issues. This leads to enhanced productivity across the organization and provides employees with the flexibility to work from any location.

While empowering your team can feel like a hassle, we make it easy to migrate. If you're interested in how our in-house Dynamics consultants can revolutionize your employees and your productivity, contact us today. We're here for you 24x7. 

Originally published on March 28, 2024

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