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Large and small businesses alike rely on their entire IT system to ensure smooth business operations and enhance customer service. Outsourcing IT solutions for a small business can relieve technology-related pressure while reducing overhead costs. Companies are often reliant on their IT support services, so the approach to hiring the perfect team should be considered with care.

In an ideal situation, outsourced technical support services fit seamlessly with ongoing business operations. Small business owners must ask the right questions and gather information before finding an IT partner. Let's examine some IT outsourcing do's and don'ts for small businesses. 

IT Outsourcing Do's

Small businesses have to be able to trust their IT support. Consider the following tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect team for your small business:

Do Research Different IT Services

You must find out as much as possible about any business you're considering working with. Your research should be more extensive than reading online reviews. Some of the avenues you can take when gathering information include the following:

  • Reach out: Contact other local businesses in your area for referrals and ask them questions relevant to your business operations. 
  • Go online: Look at local business sites and see if anything piques your interest. If you find something exciting, contact the company and ask them if they would recommend their IT partner. 
  • Check social media reviews: Social media is an honest place to see how an IT service provider ranks against other contenders in your area. Look for the good and the bad, so you can make an informed decision and know what to expect. 

Do Hire a Local IT Company

Although there is a trend toward hiring international services, doing so has downsides in a small business setting. A local team will understand the culture of your business and clientele and be able to provide on-site solutions with managed IT Services. You can deal with people you know who have their finger on the pulse of your industry and can match your IT solutions to local trends and the unique needs of your community. 

A local team of professionals will also better understand how to maintain a competitive edge within your local consumer base. They are more accessible and cost-effective, which is excellent for your bottom line. 

Do Explain Exactly What Technical Support Services You Need Upfront

Provide a detailed explanation of your project's scope and technological requirements to get the best service provider on your side. Explain whether you need an entire IT system, cloud services or other IT support services. Plan to discuss your IT budget, needs, weak points and the strengths you'd like to augment with their support. Ensure you cover your IT requirements in detail — any ambiguity might confuse the service provider about whether they can meet your requirements. 

Do Ask Lots of Questions About IT Services

Just like your potential service provider needs to know everything about you, your business needs all the information possible about them. Ask questions about anything you can think of to establish their capabilities and whether they're a good cultural fit for you. Some of the points to cover in your discussions include the following:

  • What makes their service different: Ask them to define their benefits and expertise within your industry and provide their certifications and accreditations. 
  • IT support services timeline: It's essential to know how quickly they can address support issues and their processes. Can they provide remote support and send technicians to your site? 
  • Your main point of contact: Find out if you're assigned a dedicated account executive who'll oversee your operations, schedule meetings and ensure you're a happy customer. 
  • Experience with your systems and software: Your outsourced support should understand your current operating system and support your core systems, such as desktops and laptops. 
  • Data security: Keeping your cybersecurity up to date is a leading priority for businesses of all sizes. Find out whether your potential provider can identify your vulnerabilities, contain threats and train your staff in cybersecurity awareness. 
  • Support parameters: Does your provider offer 24x7 helpdesk support? You need to know you'll be protected and operational year-round and won't be left in the lurch on weekends or public holidays. 
  • Quality assurance and transparency: You should be able to track how your IT service is working. Determine if your potential service provider provides personalized dashboard filters to evaluate performance and whether they use transparent, real-time data to plan business growth based on technology trends. 

IT Outsourcing Don'ts

It's easy to get caught up in all the information online, pushing you into making a hasty decision without considering all the factors involved. Consider the following practices to stay away from when making your choice:

Don't Go With the Cheapest IT Provider

While something might seem cost-effective in the initial stages, chances are you'll have to invest more money down the road. You can evaluate the services provided against your budget and choose the option that gives you the best value for money in the long term. Remember, technological innovations come with costs, but staying ahead of the curve will benefit your business for years to come. 

Don't Go With the First Option for IT Support

The process of choosing the right fit can be completely overwhelming, which might make you jump on the first option that seems appealing. IT support is a critical decision, so please take your time and do your research. You're creating a long-term partnership, so it's best to ensure you complement each other before signing on the dotted line. 

Here's where asking the right questions comes in — ensure your provider has the industry expertise to provide the best service for your business and can provide you with effective cybersecurity

Don't Disappear After Hiring Your IT Company

Working with an IT support services company is a partnership — both parties must be present and take action for the venture to succeed. It's essential that you remain involved in the processes and establish open channels of communication. Working together, you'll be able to troubleshoot, innovate and deliver the best results internally and to your client base. 

Don't Expect Immediate or Unrealistic Results

Allowing time for IT solutions is vital to achieving the best result. Development and integration of software and cloud services integration processes take time. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting miracle changes in the first week of working together. It's better for business if your provider carefully analyzes each step before taking action. 

Once the solution is running and integrated within your operational processes, you'll reap the benefits of the time and money you invested in the initial start-up. 

Don't Sacrifice Your Core Business Culture

A provider looks excellent on paper, but other options will better fit the core values of your business. Off-shore providers may not even be aware of your local culture, so working within those paradigms is challenging. You must base your partnership on a mutual understanding of your businesses, clients and culture. When you align these factors, you can look forward to more successful collaboration. 

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Originally published on December 21, 2023

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