How Local IT Services are Helping Businesses Recover from the Pandemic

The public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt across the globe. COVID-19 managed to wreak havoc on companies’ ability to continue their business operations as usual, as it resulted in government-mandated shutdowns, disrupted supply chains, and major changes in consumer behavior. All of these things were compiled into one big blow to traditional company practices, causing a boom in more unorthodox approaches, such as entirely or partial remote work or outsourcing certain business functions to third-party providers (such as IT, HR, and accounting functions). Managed IT service providers are particularly important when it comes to supporting businesses while they’re on the road to recovery. Discover the ways in which an MSP can help your business bounce back post-pandemic.

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Cut IT Costs

Wanting to cut costs when trying to recuperate your firm’s health is only natural. Unfortunately, staffing an entire in-house IT department can be expensive, as you are responsible for the costs associated with hiring, training, on-boarding, and compensating your IT personnel. For small and medium sized businesses (who ultimately suffered more than large corporations did in the wake of the pandemic), the cost of maintaining a fully staffed IT department simply isn’t feasible, especially with restricted funds. By enlisting the help of a managed IT service provider, however, you can eliminate these costs and expect to pay a predictable scheduled fee (usually monthly or annually) that makes budget planning significantly easier.


Save Time And IT Resources

Just like with money, businesses that are working to recover from the pandemic are realizing the importance of saving time and resources. Managed IT service providers can take the weight of looming IT responsibilities off of your staff’s shoulders, making it easier for them to reach business goals. After all, your employees are one of your most valuable resources. Getting them geared up to work without technology-related disruptions allows your personnel to refocus on your firm’s core objectives instead of having to constantly battle any issues that might pop up. Moreover, with outsourced IT support services, you will likely notice an increase in productivity because your employees can now use their time more efficiently.


Quick-Fix Solutions Don’t Work

Even in today’s uncertain times, it is never a good idea to make a hasty decision that you wouldn’t make under normal circumstances. Instead, you should consider the reasons you would have avoided it in the first place and evaluate whether the gains outweigh the costs or not. In the case of information technology, you should always be aware that quick-fix solutions (such as repairing hardware as it breaks) can lead to unpredictable expenses and can ultimately cost you more in the long run. With managed IT services, however, you can have access to industry experts while keeping your costs under control.

If your business is still feeling the effects of COVID-19, contact Centre Technologies today. At Centre, we operate with the high-level professionalism and integrity that is required to get your firm back on its feet, all while providing your business with the IT support it needs.

Originally published on October 16, 2020

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