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Your company has several essential items to consider during a merger or acquisition. M&A decisions often focus on how to unite two companies' distinct hiring processes, marketing and finances. You may accidentally overlook IT services during mergers and acquisitions, but you shouldn't. Whether your company is acquiring or merging with another company, you must find a way to bring two IT systems together with minimal disruption. 

Centre Technologies has helped venture capital and private equity partners and small to medium-sized businesses in the energy, manufacturing and financial industries complete the M&A process. Learn more about our Texas and Oklahoma M&A services.

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What Does an IT Company Do During a Merger/Acquisition?

During a merger or acquisition, your company needs to decide whether it'll keep its current IT environment or adopt that of the company it's acquiring or merging with. Depending on the merger or acquisition scope, your existing business IT systems may need to scale considerably. You may also need to replace it with an entirely new system.  

Due diligence is a critical part of the merger and acquisition process. Performing due diligence allows your company to confirm that the other parties have the assets and resources they claim to. It can also uncover any areas of concern to address before finalizing the deal.

Merger and acquisition services from a managed service provider (MSP) can help determine the steps to take. Centre Technologies offers optimal cloud solutions, such as cloud migrations and IT assessments. We help Oklahoma companies stay productive and secure as they grow and change.

How Do Managed Services Improve Acquisitions and Mergers?

An MSP helps to improve the merger and acquisition process in several ways. Centre Technologies works with Oklahoma businesses to develop an efficient strategy and to consolidate IT architecture. 

When your company partners with us during an M&A, we help increase the process's transparency. You can see the costs of adopting a new IT system or keeping your current one. Cost transparency reduces surprise expenses, keeping your company's costs under control.

It pays to think outside of the box during a merger or acquisition. Your company may face a complicated issue as it acquires another or merges with a similar company. We work with you to develop creative solutions that solve even the most complex M&A concerns.

Contact Us for IT Merger and Acquisition Services in Oklahoma & Texas

Centre Technologies provides customized services to companies across Texas and Oklahoma. We'll work with you throughout the M&A process to ensure your operations, cybersecurity and productivity scale as needed and your company remains operational through the M&A. We offer a local Oklahoma touch, providing on-site service with some southern hospitality. Contact our team today to learn more.

Originally published on September 19, 2023

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