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To start the new year, we're excited to showcase Christine Lee, our hardworking and kind-as-can-be Business Program Manager. Located in our Austin office, Christine is in charge of making sure customer experience is the same no matter where you are or what you need. She leads with grace and always has the brightest smile on her face. While you may not have met her in person, those who do know her love her attention to detail, hard-working attitude, and poise with everyone she interacts with. She is a foundational part of Centre's success. Here's Christine Lee! 

Like our last @ Centre feature, Christine is passionate about leading in a way which garners success. Not only is she a personality layered with interesting facts, but she's also a kind-hearted woman who sees value in observing, learning, and pursuing business knowledge. A vocal supporter of our Centre #ONETEAM, we're entirely honored by the way she chooses to accomplish tasks from the menial to the most important. No job is too little for her, and she exceeds in every skill. We could go on, but you get the point. She's awesome and we're excited to introduce her to you. Meet Christine Lee below! 

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I thought for a short time about being a teacher and then an astronomer. Star gazing and learning more about the universe we live in has always fascinated me. My mom and I would take road trips where she would bird watch by day and I would star gaze at night. For my 16th birthday instead of a big party we took a road trip to the McDonald Observatory in West Texas. I still love looking up at the stars, catching super moons, and seeing meteor showers. But living by grants and spending my work hours at night did not seem stable enough nor helpful in creating a family so I leave it as a hobby.    

After finding out that astronomers have to live off of grant money, which is not stable, I somehow knew I would go into business. I did not have a clear picture what that would look like but I knew going to college and getting my MBA was my next step and that’s what I did.

When it came to teaching, though, I liked playing teacher as a child with my sister, the idea of learning a subject thoroughly enough to teach kids and having to stick to that topic felt limiting. I learned once I had my own children that being a stay-at-home mom was not part of my skillset so thankfully it seemed that being a full time teacher at a school was also not in my forte. 

The core foundation of teaching and astronomy though derives from observing and learning which is something I continue to enjoy doing and is core to my role at Centre. 

How would you describe your role’s impact on Centre customers?

The goal of my role is to help create consistency of the customer experience. As I assist to define, tweak, or update business programs with the team, we are taking into consideration the impact across the #ONETEAM environment and to allow for growth.

With an ever-evolving environment that we live and work in – especially in IT - review and change of our processes, technology, and strategy to achieve our goals are required. I love looking at the big picture of where we are going and then help the company to plan and implement the strategy on the micro-level to get there. I have an inherent drive to help others which drives my passion for the work I perform whether it is more administrative like cleanup work to leading companywide projects. My hope is that the work I perform helps make the day to day for our Centre #ONETEAM better whether in large or small ways. Though I rarely interact with customers directly, I am here to support the teams that do. Business


I have an inherent drive to help others which drives my passion for the work I perform whether it is more administrative like cleanup work to leading companywide projects. My hope is that the work I perform helps make the day to day for our Centre #ONETEAM better whether in large or small ways. 

Christine Lee

Business Program Manager at Centre Technologies 


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

On my bucket list is to visit Norway. I really want to stay in one of those glass huts under the stars but preferably also to see the spectacular Northern Lights dance across the sky. If a polar bear happened to also want to walk by that would be cool too.

In Norway I want to: go on a cruise tour of the coastline, stay in one of those glass domes above the artic circle to sleep below the stars and see the Northern Lights, and go snowshoeing or hiking depending on the time of year. 

If you could play one game for the rest of your life, which one and why? 

Dr. Mario. The only video game I can beat my husband at all the time.

In your own words, how would you describe Centre’s differentiators?

The team at Centre strives to create a relationship with each customer regardless of the size they are. Each customer, team member, and partner matter; and, all work in concert to deliver personalized services in a professional manner. Our scale allows us to bring enterprise level knowledge to customers small or large.

How would you describe the #ONETEAM culture at Centre?

We are all here to help one another whether that is our customers, partners, or internal team – we are in this journey together. Each of us have a part in making Centre the place to work or the IT partner of choice.

Thank you, Christine, for taking the time to make us better. you lead in a way that's inspiring to everyone here at Centre Technologies. You are loved, admired, and cherished across all our locations. Thank you for the large and small ways you make us better. Our future is better with you in it! 

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Originally published on January 12, 2024

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