Meet Isaiah Everage: Field Services Technician @ Centre

Have you talked to Isaiah Everage before? If you have, then you know what I mean when I say he is a thinker, and a passionate one at that. Isaiah works boots-on-the-ground for our Build and Field Services team. When you need something done on-premise, he's your guy. His ability to think deeply about a solution makes him essential to our team's past, current, and future successes. 

Like our last @ Centre feature, Isaiah strives to provide quality service but with an additional face-to-face component. On top of that, Isaiah's mind not just for solutions but for the meta and the abstract, makes him one of the most interesting people to chat with. Want to stretch your brain? Check out who he'd have dinner'll blow your mind! We love watching him grown and excel daily at the tasks before him. He's passionate and hard-working, consistently digging in and providing detail-oriented and quality services every time whether it's on-premise or over-the-phone. We're honored to have his "frontliner" spirit driving us forward every day. With that said, meet Isaiah Everage. 

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An astronaut because I thought it would give me the best chance to go into space and witness little to no gravity. I also wanted to view space with as little obstruction from the Earth's atmosphere as possible. I thought it would be cool to get to experience life from space as compared to just on Earth.

In some ways I kind of get to fulfill this passion by working in technology. Technological advancements allow us to travel off of Earth. Being around technology in such a way gives me that feeling that I'm assisting with getting us humans off Earth and venturing onward.

How would you describe your role’s impact on Centre customers?

I assist with going onsite and speaking directly with the client. Some of the technicians are good at handling the back end. Some employees are good at handling the finances. I like think I'm a "frontliner." I see myself as a "frontliner" because I grew up independent. I grew up having to figure out myself since I wasn't like the rest of my family and peers. I eventually found my way by being motivated by people who've already opened up in the way I've been wanting too. I then chose to be one of those people and love me to the fullest. I want to be the one in the frontlines taking the blunt damage, then those who are struggling to better themselves can have an easier time opening up since  there will be an already walked path that they can follow. At Centre I'm the one the customer's see. The remote technicians are behind the scenes taking care of the servers. Making sure things aren't falling apart before they do. I see myself as the one going out in the frontlines and working on the tickets first-hand. I compare it to the time we used to do "All hands on deck" and we'd act out being in the military and confronting the tickets as if they're the enemy. The field technicians in this sense would be the frontliners. 

I've always seen myself as a frontliner, the one who goes out and handles the issues face on. Getting things taken care of to where the remaining workers can handle their end remotely. Then wash, rinse repeat.


 I want to be the one in the frontlines taking the blunt damage, then those who are struggling to better themselves can have an easier time opening up since there will be an already walked path that they can follow...I see myself as the one going out in the frontlines and working on the tickets first-hand...I've always seen myself as a frontliner, the one who goes out and handles the issues face on. Getting things taken care of to where the remaining workers can handle their end remotely. Then wash, rinse repeat.

Isaiah Everage

Field Services Technician at Centre Technologies 

If you were stranded on a deserted island alone, what three items would you need?

  1. A geo-thermal-perfect-extracting-reverse-osmosis water plant. The Geo-thermal-perfect-extracting-reverse-osmosis water plant is used to make drinking water. Geo-thermal allows it to get its energy from heat such as the sun. Perfect-extracting means there is no flaw in its extraction process. Reverse-osmosis means instead of "removing water from something", you remove the "something from the water". In this case the something would be the salt from the seawater, and any other impurities chosen to be removed.

  2. A forge to create glass and metal materials. The forge is used to create glassware and metal materials. These materials can be used to forge protection equipment. It can also be used to create tools to be used such as cups to old the water and furniture. This can also be used to create the mirror (which might open up my third option). 

  3. A mirror so I can talk to myself. I said it, "talk to myself". Ha!! I'm just that kind of person who grows by bouncing my own ideas off myself. Being alone on the island will give me a chance to dive deeper into my psyche to learn more about what it means to be conscious. What's the sense-of-self. Where is the dividing line of the illusion of self, and the absolution of consciousness? Talking to yourself is a condition we humans are taught is strictly bad, but there's power in each of us that we can unlock by understanding all of our sides from the dark and assumably scary sides to the light seemingly pleasant sides.

If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, which one and why?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I'm already playing Smash, I've been playing Smash since the Nintendo 64. Shoo, put it on my grave stone, For He Always Played Smash.

In your own words, how would you describe Centre’s differentiators?

Centre stands out because they actually care for the employee. Up front one can expect other companies do this as well. Well, yea they do, but Centre does it uniquely. Centre feeds their employees. Centre gives their employees time off. Centre reaches out to their employees and makes changes to help accommodate and allow their employees to maintain a fun work life. Centre isn't just work. Centre feels like a home-away-from-home. Centre helps people like me change from completely separating my professional life and personal life and making Centre a place that can be a part of my personal life.

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

Nikola Tesla - I just want to know more about their technology, their way of thinking, and what inspired them. I'd also like to know a little more about their idea on consciousness, and how they believe it arises. Would they believe it's a fundamental part of the universe, or would they believe it's something strictly unique to the brain and physical?

I believe the answer to the question will come from understanding things beyond our possible human observational ability. Nikola Tesla experienced an out-of-body experience. I'm interested in those that have had this experience on what they think about consciousness. As of now we humans do not know how consciousness arise from physical process. It's just neurons and electricity in our brain yet somehow the collection of it all allows us to have our unique subjective experience of life. Out-of-body experiences are usually an experience that challenges the mind into understanding a world that it originally cannot perceive in the waking world. It's almost an experience that gives insight to that of a dream in as to why we may have them. I believe the understanding of the ethereal world we reside in during our dreams and out-of-body experience can garner understanding on how consciousness fits into the universe.

If I could tell him anything, I would tell Nikola Tesla that they were right about their ideas and to continue pursuing. We are leading towards a path of using batteries and electricity more. I think they would have been a great addition to the current time with assisting us humans with the understanding of reusable energy.

How would you describe the #ONETEAM culture at Centre?

Many, one, legion. We work together as a team. Together, with each other. Our individuality combined to create #ONETEAM.


Thank you, Isaiah, for the way you make a path for those around you. Thank you for the ways in which you lead, serve, and provide insight for all who get to know you. We're entirely proud to have you foraging into the unknown with our #ONETEAM. 

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Originally published on September 21, 2023

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